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The Swiss-born handbag label introduces the most complex purse ever made that turns heads.

Thaden is the newly-born luxury handbag label founded in Switzerland by Kristina Thaden, entrepreneur in life and creative artist at heart. She designed an ambitious bag at the intersection of fashion and art that would not look out of place in art galleries or in collectors’ showcases. Consisting of a set of exquisite leather pleats gently folding like an origami, the bag’s aesthetics is accentuated by a teardrop space forming in the center. A window open to the imagination of both the wearer and the observer, the bag makes a statement simply by virtue of its innovative shape resembling a wearable piece of art.

Designed with the impeccable precision that only the Swiss luxury tradition can bring, the Thaden bag stems from Kristina’s vision of a skillfully poised object, in which form and space blend seamlessly. At first, the bag appeared to be impossible to manufacture, challenging the skills of the most seasoned Italian craftsmen. The complexity of the creator’s vision requires the execution of precise curves and geometric pleats in the finest leather, and this seemed technically unattainable. Kristina was in fact repeatedly discouraged to pursue her idea due to its intricacy. Only thanks to her drive and tenacity she eventually found Luigi, an 89-year-old master of Italian leather goods craftsmanship, who took up the challenge and successfully realized her vision.

The result is a largely hand-sewn bag, magically transformed into a wearable work of art and a timeless sculpture. It is an item that speaks to the heart of women and celebrates their multi-faceted nature. “I design for all women, the strong, the weak, the confident, the insecure. Women can be all of it. Their multiple traits, at times austere at times indulgent resemble the curves of a Thaden bag, which unfolds around a center open to imagination and desire” says Kristina Thaden, Founder and Creative Director of Thaden.

Thaden’s signature bag, The Whole, available in three different sizes, plays with the evocative sound of its word: “whole” referring to a complete and harmonious unity, as the synergy between light and shadow, movement and stillness, lines and curves; and “hole” hinting to a space to be filled, a window suspended between space and time, a point of observation open to possibilities. “I want to capture the dynamism that flows from an empty space”, she adds — “The Japanese concept of MA (間) is what inspires me during the creative process. A pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space where beauty blooms and grows. Through what is missing, unsaid, or unformed, the unexpected reveals itself, becoming as important as the work of art itself.”

Meant for those seeking the latest level of luxury, Thaden introduces a new concept of feminine sophistication through a wearable piece of art that becomes today’s instant object of desire and tomorrow’s iconic bag.

About Kristina Thaden

Thaden’s founder and creative director Kristina Thaden hails from an artistic background. Her eclectic career began by acting, singing and directing her own theater group; later she embarked on a Managing Director position for a Swiss construction company. Her passion for the creative arts never abandoned her and in 2021 she decided to change gears by turning her focus to Thaden, the ultimate sophistication in luxury handbags. As a keen observer of nature, architecture, and everything around her, Kristina’ s creative process stems from the resonance elicited by the senses. Her designs are the result of a multi-layered examination of reality turned into physical objects: elegant, thought-provoking, and defying traditional ideas of what is possible. Focusing on impeccable design, quality material, and exquisite Italian craftmanship, Thaden is the epitome of luxury and feminine sophistication. Produced in Italy under fair working conditions and by using only certified materials, Thaden bags are available online internationally or made to order.

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