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Buena Onda: Taking Sustainability to New Heights

...and inviting us to join them!

In today's digital age, information is limitless. Brands can no longer hide behind their logos and advertisements and must emphasize the importance of transparency. Consumers would like to know all about the products they buy, where they come from, who makes them, and what they are made of.

Transparency is a powerful tool for communication. Much of today's fast fashion industry lacks an emphasis on transparency regarding mass contribution to global waste and quality decline.

Creatively capturing and connecting Japanese design ethics, Scandinavian simplicity, and the essence of a dreamy California summer, buena onda emphasizes an internal and external culture of transparency from supply chain to its consumers. Releasing only 3 item collections every summer, buena onda offers each creation the liberty of time, detail, and spontaneous inspiration. With each collection, buena onda carries a vision to enrich the industry via limited creations. By taking it slowly, they waste less, and inspire timeless quality, a refreshing state of mind for both the creators, the industry and loyal customers.

With a vision to inspire a retail landscape of inspired, quality creations and encourage consumerism with intent, buena onda's transparency gives back full circle: to the creators behind brands, to the planet via its sustainable and ethical approach, and love to people. Over 10% of profits go towards empowering the youth's philanthropic mindset. buena onda's charitable percentages are now decided based on the desire of a chosen youth from around the world, donating to a cause on their behalf, they've been longing to support.

Be sure to check out our full editorial with buena onda in the Spring 2021 digital issue!

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