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The Eyes Have It

We all love a sexy cat eye. But if not executed properly, it can ruin your whole look. Accentuating your eyes deserve more than just winging it.

Let's start with the purpose of this look. The cat eyeliner is perfect to lift and define the eyes, giving the illusion of 'lifted' eyes. Most feel comfortable 'winging' their eyeliner from the bottom corner of the eye instead of the top corner of the eye. This actually draws the eyes down and make them look droopy. Here, our editors show you all the correct ways to line your eyes for the perfect dramatic effect.

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The Perfect Cat Eye with the Perfect Products Bring Perfect Results


There are many different types of eyeliner you can use to create this effect. If you are using an eyeliner pencil, be sure to sharpen the pencil after each use to avoid transferring bacteria and having sties form in your eye. Most eyeliner pencils are able to create a sharp hard edge, or you can smudge the liner for a soft edge. For a smooth application, place the pencil at a 45 degree angle and be sure to not point the end of the pencil directly onto the upper lid (this can cause skip marks in the application). Most believe that they should start in the tear duct and drag outwards, but it is easier to start at the outer corner of the eye and lightly glide inwards, making the line thinner as you come in towards the tear duct.


If you are using a powder eyeliner, you have the option of applying wet (for a sharper edge) or dry (for a more sultry appearance). Use a small angled brush for this application. If using a dry powder, make sure the brush is even coated on both sides, tap the brush on your finger to get rid of excess powder. Angle the brush so that the pointed end is toward your inner corner. It is easier to start at the tear duct and glide toward the outer corner of the eye. Make sure not to wrap around to the bottom lashes because you will go back and create the cat eye.

If you are using a wet powder for a more defined look, slightly dampen the brush with water and work product into the brush, making sure its coated evenly on both sides. Try not to get the brush too wet. This will make the eyeliner run or appear gray in color. Feel free to test on the back of your hand before application.


For cake eyeliner, the application is almost the same as using powder wet but you are not going to use an angled brush. Instead, you will use a thin, pointed brush (similar to a lip brush). You will start by making what is called a 'slurry', made by wetting the eyeliner brush and rolling it back and forth into the cake eyeliner. If you roll the brush in a spiral motion to get the bristles to stick together. This makes a cleaner edge when applying. Be sure to make sure the brush is not too wet and feel free to test on the back of your hand. Do not point the brush directly onto the eye lid. Point the tip towards the tear duct, start in the middle of the eyelid - moving outwards. Lay the brush on its side. Keep in mind, the more pressure creates a thicker line and less pressure creates a thinner line.


When using a liquid eyeliner, use the cake eye liner application but do not line the bottom eyelash. A gel eyeliner is great as well.



Now, since we are all lined up, it is time to create that sexy cat eye. Start your diagonal line just before the outer corner, aiming your eyeliner in the direction of where your eyebrow ends to ensure an even application on both sides.

Did You Know?

  • The cat eyeliner is actually called Glamour Eyeliner and it is intended for those who have wide set eyes to make them appear closer together.

  • the wrap around eyeliner (top and bottom lined) is called Fashion Eyeliner and is intended for those who have close set eyes to make them appear wider.

If you are wondering how you can tell if you have wide or close set eyes, take your index finger and thumb, and measure one eye from inner to outer corner. Then, place your fingers in between your eyes over the bridge of your nose. If the measurement is wider, you have close set eyes. If the measurement is smaller, you have wide set eyes. For those who have the same measurement, your eyes are the correct distance apart.


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