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Black-Owned Cosmetics Brand, Juvia's Place, releases an Inclusive Red and Berry Lipstick Collection

PRNewsFoto/Juvia's Place

The Reds and Berries Collection is a follow-up to the Nude Lipstick Collection, which launched in July.

Every makeup-wearer needs the perfect red lip, and Juvia's Place's Reds and Berries Lipstick Collection features an array of red and berry-colored lipsticks, lip-glosses and two lip liners.

The Reds and Berries collection contains 9 velvet matte lipsticks ($14 each) broken down into three color families: Red Cherry, Red Wine and Berries.

The Reds Cherry Family

  1. So Red

  2. Afrik

  3. The Perfect Red

The Reds Wine Family

  1. Rouge

  2. Rude Girl

  3. Fierce

The Berries Family

  1. Frenemy

  2. Drama Queen

  3. Oh Damn

The Berries Family

  1. Frenemy

  2. Drama Queen

  3. Oh Damn

The set also includes two liquid lipsticks:

  1. Scarlet

  2. saRed Velvet

6 Lip Glosses ($13 each)

  1. Ruby Rose

  2. Sweet Beets

  3. Maroon

  4. She's Royal

  5. Culture

  6. Cherry Love

2 Luxe Lip Liners ($10 each)

  1. Wine

  2. RUBY

The complete collection can be purchased for $224.

Founded in 2015 by Chichi Eburu, Juvia's Place is a Black-owned cosmetic brand. Today Juvia's Place is one of the most celebrated makeup lines currently on the market. Known for their African-themed palettes and richly pigmented blushes and highlighters Juvia's Place is your one-stop-shop for high quality and affordable makeup. The Red and and Berries Lipstick Collection can be purchased at HERE.

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