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Express Your Individuality with Your Favorite Shade of Lipstick on The National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day encourages people to express their individuality by wearing their favorite shade of lipstick on the 29th of July, so pin the date!

With years of evolution, have you noticed how lipstick became an essential yet most neglected makeup item? How far would you go to enhance the ordinary makeup look of yours without the most fundamental element— lipstick?

National Lipstick Day is a time of the year that is entirely associated with wearing your favorite tint to express your enthusiasm towards lipstick that enriches any ordinary makeup look. The shade and texture are capable enough to make a simple look go all wild and fiery.

You can actually do no makeup and still rock your ordinary look with the help of just one thing, and that is lipstick.

This post talks about how lipstick emerged in our lives and how the significance of the lipstick is celebrated through National Lipstick Day. But, first, let's look at how National Lipstick Day came into being and who brought the idea.

Fun Fact: Cleopatra used insects to create a tint for her lips to enhance her facial features.

The History of National Lipstick Day

Long before 2016, the celebration of a lipstick's significance was only limited to its ancient myths and legends. It was July 29, 2016 when Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger, re-founded this day, and the expedition of this day's celebration began.

Before 2016, the day was not so popular among people. It was celebrated without any specific declaration. Now with many businesswomen, female entrepreneurs, and bloggers, along with Huda Kattan, this day is now widely celebrated throughout the globe.

Many people claim that this day was founded to enable social media influencers and celebrities to post their snaps and images to mark the day's significance. However, regardless of the origin, this day not only marks lipstick's importance as a beauty enhancer product but also invokes people to learn more about its history.

How Lipstick Emerged in Our Lives — A Brief History

Sliding on a favorite lipstick is a daily motivation for many of us to step out of the house. Unfortunately, the pandemic times have led us to become addicted to staying indoors. What has also become oddly satisfying to watch is the imprints on masks of our favorite matte or a creme lipstick.

As flabbergasting as it may sound, this satisfaction roots back to 5000 years ago. What has now become associated with a specific gender was worn as a status symbol by Sumerian men and women who were supposedly the inventors of lipstick.

Later, Cleopatra was known for her infamous lip tint that she supposedly extracted from crushed carmine. Ancient Rome and Greece initially restricted lip tint to only the prostitutes and courtesans until it was commonly worn.

Fun Fact: The sparkling substance found in lipstick during ancient times was made with the help of an element called pearlescent that came from fish scales.

How Can National Lipstick Day be Celebrated?

Lipstick is an essential beauty item. Even in the difficult times of the global pandemic, lipstick lovers did not give up on wearing it under the mask.

If they could wear it under the mask, leaving imprints of their lip tint on it, then they can also find remarkable ways of celebrating this day.

Here's a list of things you can do to reflect your enthusiasm for National Lipstick Day.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there are more than 800 million lipsticks that are being sold in the world today?

#1 Pick A Prominent Shade

The best way to exhibit your individuality on national lipstick day is to pick a lipstick shade that doesn't go without being noticed.

Wearing a prominent shade that's capable enough to captivate people's attention will make them notice that you are wearing a different shade than usual, indicating the significance of the day.

Express your individuality with shades that no eyes could keep from noticing. Use your lip color to spread awareness about National lipstick Day.

#2 Get a New Shade

Another way you can try to surprise people around you and spread the word about this day is by picking up a new shade that you have never tried before.

Trends have changed drastically during times of pandemic, so you already have a whole world just one touch away from you. Google the trendiest shades of lipstick and rock your day.

Trying on a new shade will already have grabbed some attention. That's one of the best ways to show how devoted you are to this essential beauty item. But the list does not end here.

#3 Explore the World of Lipstick

Around 800 million lipsticks are sold around the world. Do you know how many types of lipsticks there are? Let's explore how many kinds of lipstick there are, and July 29th is the best day for this exploration.

The list of types of lipstick extends to more than a number 20. Here's a short list of various kinds of lipstick that you can try based on their variety, the occasion, and the weather.

Types of Lipsticks

We commonly wear all these types. Hardly do we ever notice that this essential beauty item extends widely in its vast range of styles and shades.

Undeniably, millions of shades are available for divas and lipstick lovers, including black, purple, and white.

Some Common Shades

The shades are more than the number of types of lipstick available in the world. Millions of shades are there for you to pick a perfect one for your occasion.

Rock any occasion or event with a devilish shade of lipstick and also influence people and their perception of you. Be bold and confident with a wide range of shades to wear every day.

The Takeaway!

Lipstick is the most integral beauty essential. It enhances your entire makeup look in no time, without much effort. A simple rouge on your lips does magic to your face and reinforces your facial features and overall look.

Lipstick is, has been, and always will be an essential makeup item without which beauty seems to lack something highly significant. There are more than 800 million lipsticks sold throughout the globe. Irrespective of gender, people rely on lipstick to give them a sense of morale and making them feel assured.

National lipstick Day enables people to celebrate lipstick and the day associated with it, express how remarkable it is and how it allows them to feel a sense of dignity upon wearing it in public.

Celebrate this day with earnest passion and vitality, and let your lipstick spread the vibrance of self-love and joy.

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