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Body Confidence: Where Does It Come From?

Body confidence is all about feeling good in your own skin.

body confidence

Body confidence is all about feeling good in your own skin. When you acknowledge your unique differences from everyone else, and truly celebrate the way you look, it can improve your life tenfold! But what helps you to find that sense of confidence that’s oh so important to a strong self image? Here are the most defining characteristics of achieving body confidence.

Understanding Your Body Worries

Knowing what you're insecure about is the first step. The second is realizing that you don’t have to be insecure about those features! You can celebrate the way you look, and the natural beauty that it offers, even if you want to enhance a few things. Indeed, in Dr. Vitenas' approach to breast surgery, the onus is all on what you want, and that’s not uncommon in today’s media! The more you understand your own body and how the image in the mirror affects you, the better you can soothe your own confidence issues.

Positivity From Loved Ones

The more your loved ones in real life offer you positive comments, the more you’re going to feel good about yourself. After all, these are the people who really know you, and believe in you, and love to be around you. If they have nice things to say, and you can find meaning in their words, it’s going to help build body confidence and self esteem.

Create a culture of this in your friendship group, if you don’t have one already. Lead the way and make a few more positive comments yourself about the way your loved ones dress and style their hair, and how nice their eyes and nails are. You might soon find they say the same things back!

What You See Online

Mostly, negative body confidence can come from a lack of representation. If no one really looks like you, many people report that it can be hard to feel positive about your own features. And scrolling through social media can leave you feeling empty after even just 10 posts.

So maybe it’s time to drop this online, outside influence? What you see online doesn't translate to reality, so why let it rule so much of your time?

Inner Thought Patterns

Focusing on positive self talk, or simply turning your attention to doing something else with your time (like developing a hobby), is a good way to change your inner thought patterns. And let’s face it, that inner critic is harsher to you than anyone else in your life ever could be.

After all, your brain knows what you’re feeling and how best to appeal to your emotions - no outside influence could ever prey on you like this. But if you give your brain something to do, or train it out of the toxic cycle it’s ended up in, you’ve got a good chance of feeling ten times stronger about your body.

Remember, body confidence is built in a variety of ways, and some are more powerful than others!

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