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5 Must Haves For Your Go-To Bag

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

The content of your bag while you are on the go says a lot about your readiness for any occasion.

Below are certainly items that you should also have in tow to keep for yourself or share with others for style and care on demand.


Lip Balm

It is essential to keep your lips supple without a gummy build-up, especially while wearing a mask.

The moisturizing texture of a lip balm is great naturally, but the additional ingredients; such as lavender or mint, provides a pleasant anti-aging elements with a shine that lasts for well as a pleasant aroma under your mask.


Beauty Wipes

The hot and humid days of summer will require you to have quick access to ways to wipe your face, neck and arms for a cooling effect. For cleansing purposes, these wipes are perfect for wiping your hands to eat or wiping your face while wearing a mask.


Hair Accessories

Whether your are experiencing a breezy day at the beach or a humid day that makes your hair frizzy and lackluster, you will need a great accessory to keep your hair style gorgeous.

Headbands, jeweled bobby pins and flower combs are a few simple yet stylish ways to pull a great hairstyle together in a pinch. It is also a great way to bring your look from day to evening with a few embellishments to take your resort wear to dinner with friends or a special someone.



Nothing can be worse than needing to jot down an idea, directions or a landmark without a great place to store them - without relying solely on your cellphone.

If you want to really enjoy a quick get-away, you may choose to only use your phone for pictures and emergency calls only. The serenity of no social media can inspire you to write down plans and goals in solitude.

Editor's Pick: Leopard Journal


Compact Mirror

This item is a necessity when running errands, taking a road trip, or if you need to refresh while on the go. Quick makeup touch-ups are made easy when you are able to reach for a compact mirror that is accessible in a pinch.

And don't worry about those quick evening touch-ups. A compact mirror with LED lights is perfect for checking out your hair or adding a little red lipstick for glamorous impact to take the night by storm.



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