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How To Learn To Love Your Nose

Do you hate the size and shape of your nose? You’re not alone.

a woman loving her nose and its profile

A survey revealed that the nose is our third most hated body part (in case you’re wondering, 1 and 2 were ‘boobs’ and ‘stomach’). Our nose is a central feature on our face, so it’s no wonder we’re self-conscious of it. Of course, being too self-conscious of it can lead to a lack of self-confidence that can have all kinds of negative consequences. This is why it’s important for everyone to learn to love their nose. Below are 5 tips on how to do just that.

Realize that nose beauty standards are relative

In the west, button noses are typically seen as the most attractive nose for women, while ski-slope noses are the most attractive nose for men. However, this has not always been the case - the Romans preferred larger noses (hence ‘the Roman nose’). Other parts of the world also have their own beauty standards - in certain parts of India and the Middle East, longer slim noses are seen as the beauty ideal. Even in the west, you can find beautiful celebrities with every nose type. So do noses really matter?

Take time to find your best angle

Hate the way your nose looks in photographs? It could be a case of finding your most attractive angle. If you’ve got a prominent nose, a side profile may only draw attention to the size of your nose. Straight on, your nose may not look as large. You can also experiment with lowering or raising your head. By looking at yourself in the mirror or taking selfies, you can work out what your most flattering angle is and then strike this pose whenever cameras are out.

Consider adding a piercing to your nose

A nose piercing will draw extra attention to your nose. But it could also provide a touch of decoration to your nose. Nose piercings are currently very popular and many young people find them to be very attractive - perhaps due to their popularity among musicians (Kesha, FKA Twigs and Miley Cyrus being notable female examples).

Weigh up the pros and cons of a nose job

A nose isn’t something you can change the shape of naturally, however you can always consider a rhinoplasty. This could give you the type of nose you want and make you less self-conscious. Just be wary that a nose job can drastically alter how you look because your nose is such an integral part of your face. It’s also not cheap if you want to get it done by a reputable surgeon. You can check this page to find out more about rhinoplasties.

Focus on other parts of your body you can easily change

If you’re not prepared to go under the knife, you should resign to the fact that there is no way to naturally transform the shape of your nose - so you may as well focus your attention elsewhere when it comes to ways to enhance your beauty. Changing your hair or wearing different make-up could have a huge impact on how you look. Different hairstyle or makeup (or even accessories like glasses) may even complement your nose better and bring out its beauty.

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