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Black Girl Sunscreen Launches Make It Glow™ SP 30 Spray-On Sunscreen

Their Most Wearable And Easy-To-Apply Product Yet

Since 2016, Black Girl Sunscreen has been making waves in the skin care industry with their environmentally conscious, affordable, skin enriching and black women forward products. New to their line is Make It Glow™. Currently being sold in ULTA, this is the brand’s first spray-on sunscreen which has been designed for easy application with a continuous, lightweight spray, providing skin protecting goodness from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Made in a broad spectrum SPF 30, this sunscreen has no mess application and leaves no white streaks behind. Make It Glow™ also prepares the wearer for the incoming long summer days with a dry touch finish that’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes, perfect for you and all your swimming companions, friends and family alike.

The extra special feature of Make It Glow™ is its nourishing properties that gives the wearer that summertime radiant glow, even when they’re on-the-go. The sunscreen is infused with moisturizing, anti-aging Vitamin E and antioxidant rich avocado oil which also treats sunburns, alongside soothing, acne-preventing jojoba oil, hydrating aloe vera, softening shea butter and the cutting edge addition glycerin to lock in all those moisturizing ingredients for supple skin and a glow-boosting shine. All of the beneficial components are delivered fragrance free.

At no point in the process are unsafe parabens or other harmful chemicals introduced into Make It Glow™, an all-natural sunscreen infused with quality ingredients that takes considerable care of both the customer and the environment. It’s Reef Friendly so you can enjoy swimming in the ocean while being sure you’re protecting both your skin and marine life equally.

"Black Girl Sunscreen is not slowing down. We have plans to release many SPF products that caters to various skin types, skin conditions, and all SPF needs. We will continue to listen to our followers’ voices and requests while also thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating innovative, original products. Stay tuned!"

Black Girl Sunscreen champions the skin-protection for women of color, whose melanated skin has for too long been excluded from the world of sunscreen. As the motto on the back of each BSG product so quite rightly puts it, switch to BGS sunscreen and say bye-bye to that umbrella.

About Black Girl Sunscreen

There’s a saying that goes “necessity is the mother of invention”, and the need for a sunscreen for darker-skinned women that doesn’t leave a visible white residue or lead to blotchy make-up couldn’t be clearer. This was the thought that struck Black Girl Sunscreen founder Shontay Lundy back in 2016 when she was tired of searching for a sunscreen designed for black women, or opting for all-too-readily accepted alternative forms of skin protection, such as expensive umbrellas or avoiding the sun entirely. Lundy said enough was enough and she took matters into her own hands by launching the original 30 SPF lotion infused with natural ingredients and formulated for women of color.

Since then, Black Girl Sunscreen has hit the shelves of ULTA and Target, being the only independent black-owned brand carried full time in Target’s sun care section. The company has continued to expand the product line to cater to every want, need and desire of all sun-loving darker skin women and girls. They not only survived the pandemic, but thrived, thanks to a $1Million investment from a private female funding source which recognized the BSG team’s business savvy, hardworking and tireless efforts since 2016. This support gave the double-minority owned company the chance they needed to grow further in that challenging time.

For Lundy and the rest of the ever-expanding BSG team, the ultimate goal is to inspire, educate, moisturize and protect people of color in the sun. Black Girl Sunscreen is helping to shut down the myth that melanin is enough to protect people from the sun, when that is indisputably a falsehood that puts people of darker skin tones in harm’s way of those dangerous UVA and UVB rays. This is more than a sunscreen, this is a social action to make the black community aware of their skin health in the sun and ensure that everyone is staying moisturized and protected while enjoying each and every beautifully sunny day.

“Now with six products, we’re saying Black does crack and it’s in our power to protect it.” - Black Girl Sunscreen Team

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