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Summer Beauty Trends with Influencer Melly Sanchez

Melly debuts a summer makeup look inspired by Belaire's latest bottle release, Belaire Bleu.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a special beauty event on Thursday, April 28th, where beauty guru Melly Sanchez incorporated her unique style to create a versatile look that taps into the trending looks that have been sweeping the beauty world. Melly created the look while walking through her inspiration and chatting with viewers on why colorful looks are trending and how to incorporate the look everyday no matter the occasion.

With a vibrant backdrop of full pink-blushed flowers, the event took off to a dynamic start with the Belaire Bleu bottle as the inspiring eye makeup look. Melly introduced the Huda Beauty Color Block Obsessions Palette that matches the hue of Belaire Bleu perfectly, creating a gorgeous smoky blue on the eyelid, with the deepest blue applied close to the lash line. With a little more blue applied to the inner corners of the eye and a small dab of glitter is perfect to replicated the 'champagne pop' of the Belaire Bleu champagne.

Melly was perfect for this collaboration. She provided the best direction for applying the colors of this look, especially for those who wanted to apply along with Melly. Watching the tutorial puts the viewer at ease because the steps were simple and logical. The days of a million steps to apply concealer, foundation, highlighter, bronzer and other layers are now just simply tedious and unnecessary for glam. Color Blocking is proof of what's old is now new again and is quite refreshing. Color Blocking of the past was very 'frosty' but this application gives it new life and more pop for summer. Cheers to that!


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