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Unveiling Skincare Alchemy

A Conversation with Jenette Serrins, LA's Esteemed Esthetician

jenette serrins skincare

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles, a city synonymous with glitz, glamour, and groundbreaking beauty trends, lies a haven of holistic skincare, Being in LA. For over two decades, this sacred space has thrived under the guiding hand of Jenette Serrins, a celebrity esthetician whose expertise is as much an art form as it is a science. A virtuoso in the realm of vibrational skincare bliss, Jenette's profound understanding and innovative use of botanicals and natural ingredients have positioned her as a veritable encyclopedia in the world of beauty.

Her mastery lies not just in her extensive knowledge of age-old herbs and their miraculous properties but in her unique ability to transform these natural wonders into sophisticated, all-natural skincare solutions. It's no wonder that stars like Rachel McAdams, Emma Watson, and celebrated makeup artist Katey Denno entrust their skin to Jenette's skillful hands.

Join us as we delve into a conversation with Jenette Serrins, uncovering the secrets behind her holistic approach to beauty and the artistry that makes Being in LA more than just a skincare clinic, but a transformative experience.

"What inspired you to enter the world of skin care and wellness, and how did your journey lead to the creation of Jenette Skin Care and Being in LA wellness spa?"

jenette serrins skincare

JENETTE SERRINS: Entering the world of beauty was not something I ever saw myself doing but in my first year at university, my mom started a day spa and asked for my help. Here I learned that I was quite a natural at creating healing spaces for people to look and feel more beautiful. After receiving my degree in Speech Communication, I went on to educate for Aveda and started a spa room at a world-renowned Aveda Salon in Beverly Hills with Ginger Boyle. Wanting to go deeper into skin care, I shifted gears a bit and began working with a Dermatologist in BH, taking my knowledge and experience to a whole new level of Medical Aesthetics. Here I found that most skin care products on the market were either too harsh, full of chemicals or just did not give healthy, lasting results. This is when I knew I had to open my own spa, Being In LA, 20 years ago! This is always a sacred space where one comes to relax and renew their mind, skin and spirits through natural, non-toxic skin care. The first seven years proved a bit tough, as we were a bit ahead of our times with promoting and educating on healthy living and healing modalities. It was also a struggle to find products I could 100% stand behind or believe in using in our treatment rooms and sending clients home with. The launch of Jenette Skin Care changed this for Being in LA.

"Can you share the core philosophy behind your skin care line and how it reflects your approach to beauty and wellness?"

JS: It is my offering to the world, creating and formulating CLEAN, NON-TOXIC skin care that truly makes a difference in people’s lives. I believe in ingredients with integrity that give immediate results. I treat the skin, our largest organ, as a precious lover… only giving my very best with every batch! My obsession with true absolute aromatherapy takes each one of my products to a whole new level…a whole new sensory journey. You are now able to create your own spa experience every day, at home using Jenette Skin Care.

"Working with celebrities like Emma Watson and Rachel McAdams, what unique skin care challenges do they face, and how do you address them?"

JS: I have A-list clients come to me from all over the world who truly want clean skincare and non-toxic treatments. The most important thing for me is finding out what their skin needs and how to help them maintain healthy, clear, bright and even skin at home. I usually guide them on an AM and PM ritual, giving them step-by-step instructions to keep their skin looking and feeling their best! It’s always a good idea to check in with your Aesthetician, especially at the change of each season, to see if the products, along with your at home program is working for you. As climate and stress levels shift, so does your skin! Check out my SKIN RITUAL page, so you can be guided appropriately according to what your skin needs today.

"As an alchemist, what is your process for developing new skin care products, and how do you ensure they meet your standards?"

JS: Constant research and education, which allows me the benefit of keeping up-to-date with any new advancements in the skincare world. It seems like almost every year, or even every month, there is some new way to use a natural ingredient that replaces a harmful chemical that can wreak havoc on your skin. I love the advancements of these natural remedies which inspire me to test, create and play with new product ideas. Using all natural ingredients also gives me the advantage of testing a new product out on myself and open-minded clients, as it’s nearly impossible to harm anyone’s skin when your product line is not reliant upon harsh chemicals. This also allows me to fine-tune any new product, making sure that it’s meeting my high standards of result-oriented skincare. I absolutely will not release a new product until is tested, tried, and true (on humans) with the results I am looking for.

"Sustainability is a significant concern in beauty products today. How do you incorporate sustainability into your product line and spa treatments?"

JS: Without a healthy planet, we cannot have healthy skin! At Jenette Skin Care we go above and beyond with each step along the way in how we source, package, bottle and ship. We keep everything in glass and stay away from plastics. Plastic containers leak toxins into their contents which compromise the ingredients. Daily mindful practices are at our core when running both companies… lessening our carbon footprint, ensuring a healthier environment and preserving Mother Earths’ resources. We continue to educate our staff and clientele on the 4 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling) putting emphasis on recycling being your last resort!

"Given our column's focus on travel, what are your must-have skin care items for someone on the go?" 

JS: Traveling can take quite a toll on your complexion. There’s something about getting on a plane or taking a road trip that doesn’t sit well with our skin. It could be the dry, recycled air in the aircraft cabin, the change in climate at the destination, the stress of travel itself, or all of the above. If you’re like us, your face has experienced travel shock: looking tired, dull and dehydrated with pesky acne flare-ups and breakouts. Of course, we all want to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible, but we always regret leaving some of our face-saving must-haves back home on the bathroom shelf. So here’s what to pack to keep your skin looking clean, glowing and fresh no matter where the road takes you this season! (To learn more and find all the details visit my blog about this at:

"What are the latest innovations in skincare that you find exciting, and are they reflected in your products?"

JS: In the past few years I have found at least 3 plant-powered, natural ingredients that are KEY in the health and well-being of our skin, especially if you live in a big city or travel a lot.

The first being Niacin, I know this has been around for quite some time but it’s all about the daily percentage you are getting that takes stress off your skin and body. Using a Niacin serum on a daily basis is important to prevent excess buildup, even skin tone and keep those pores small!! Try my Transform Niacin Serum and change your skin in weeks. You can also find Niacin in my Be Nourished Age Defying Moisturizer and Serenity Brightening Moisturizer.

The second ingredient that is super healing and immune boosting that not many know about is Sea Kelp. Sea Kelp acts as a natural probiotic, protecting the dermis from harmful toxins and preventing heat and inflammation from taking a toll on our precious skin. You can find this calming plant in my Serenity Brightening Moisturizer and my Transform Niacin Serum.

The ingredient that I have been the most excited about for the past year is Snow Mushroom! Yes, I know we are seeing mushrooms everywhere now, but Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarps are true magic for the skin and so unique in that they hold more molecular weight and strength than a hyaluronic acid molecule. They also contain many amino acids that help to brighten and tone the texture of your skin. And what many do not know is that most results driven hyaluronic acid comes from rooster feet, which is something Jenette Skin Care cannot and will not support. You can now find Snow Mushroom in my Be Nourished Age Defying Moisturizer and coming soon to my new Be Radiant Toning Elixir that will launch this Spring!

I strive for the utmost integrity in the entirety of my line. Steering clear from any fillers or unnatural preservatives including glycols, parabens, sulfates, added fragrance, nuts, soy or animal byproducts!

"Working with a celebrity makeup artist like Katey Denno, how do you collaborate to enhance both skin care and makeup results?"

JS: Having radiant, healthy skin is every make-up artists dream and that is truly what I am all about giving to my clients. Katey and I have been working closely for many years now on educating our followers to heal their skin and bodies naturally. This gives long lasting results that can ensure a healthy glow before any big event. I would say Katey’s go to products to maintain a good complexion are my Be Calm Brightening C Serum, Be Clean Detoxifying Toner and Elixir, and of course my “mini facial in a jar”, Just Add Sugar Cacao Herb Infused Masque. We have noticed, when her celebs stay on these products a month prior to a big event, their skin is RADIATING HEALTH, which is what we all want, right? 

"Could you walk us through your personal skin care regimen and how it has evolved over time?"

JS: This is a loaded question, lol! I have taken my skin care ritual pretty seriously since I was fifteen years old. I would never go to bed without washing my face, toning and moisturizing. And to this day, I still believe that a nightly ritual is crucial in maintaining healthy skin. I am sure this practice has helped me secure healthy daily habits into my 40’s and what I try to instill into my family and clients every day. 

As for my personal skin care routine today, it has definitely evolved, and I spend a little bit more time in the AM and PM with LAYERING my products. I feel this is the best, most natural way for us to age gracefully, layer your serums, oils, elixirs and then seal all of those in with your moisturizer and/or sunscreen. Oh and don’t forget to spend the time doing a weekly masque! I promise my skin would not look this good at age 47 if I did not commit to my Just Add Sugar Miracle Masque every week for the past 12 years! In my 30’s I left it on about 10-15 minutes. Now in my 40’s I try to leave it on for 20-30 minutes and it has SAVED my skin over the years. All masques are not created equal. I highly recommend if you’re not a masque person, become one and commit to one of mine today! It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin!

"What is the most common skin care misconception you encounter with your clients, and how do you address it?"

JS: I still find and hear regularly that my clients do not wash their face before going to bed! This is an absolute NO-NO! Our skin only heals and regenerates naturally with good sleep (maybe with regular meditation and LED sessions as well). And what better way to maintain clear, healthy skin than by washing your face at night? Then you load up on all your wonderful serums and potions so that they actually absorb into your skin and heal your damaged cells, turning back the hands of time. Why apply anything wonderful and healing on dirty skin? Those ingredients will not be doing much sitting on old, dusty skin cells!  Eek.

"Apart from skin care, what wellness advice do you often find yourself giving to clients for a balanced lifestyle?"

JS: Finding quiet time for yourself in whatever way you can each day is key to keeping a balanced life. I find that the quieter we get with ourselves, the more introspective we become. This helps us to keep our cool when fires come and weather the storms with more grace and ease. I am also a huge believer in moving our bodies somehow, someway, every day! Whether it’s through yoga or dance, hiking or golf, keep moving your body to shift energy, get the blood pumping and feel the overall mental and emotional shift. Lastly, we are what we eat, so be mindful of what you are putting into your bodies on the daily, this makes a huge difference in how we feel and look! And of course, drink lots of water! We are supposed be drinking half our body weight in ounces on a daily basis…and up your hydration game on those days you drink caffeine or alcohol.

"Looking ahead, what future plans or exciting developments can we expect from Jenette Skin Care and Being in LA spa?"

JS: Like I mentioned above, I am thrilled about the 2024 Spring launch of my new Snow Mushroom Toner/Elixir! Not only will a few mists instantly calm, lift and brighten your skin, the scent will intoxicate your spirits, taking you on a serene sensory experience. This is like nothing I have ever formulated before. Stay tuned for some more mushroom magic.

Some more exciting news:  Being in LA has just brought on a new addition to their team, Christopher Alvarez. With over 12 years of experience in the facial room, Chris offers a new lifting treatment at being in LA that is all the craze here in Los Angeles. The Buccal, Intra-Oral Face Sculpting naturally lifts and tones the face in less than an hour! Of course, at Being in LA, we take things to a whole new level and incorporate a Jenette Signature Facial in this very relaxing, results oriented treatment. The benefits go even deeper, especially if you commit to a series of 4-6 sessions.

"Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the skincare and wellness industry?"

JS: EDUCATE yourself. Apprentice under someone you respect. Assist anywhere you are interested and able…Get as much experience as you can. Keep the passion and drive going. These will all boost your confidence and get you where you need to go.

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