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The Art of Arch: Mastering Iconic Brows with Shelly Nguyen

Inside Tips from Brows by Shelly's Founder on Sculpting Your Signature Look

brows by shelly nguyen

In the realm of beauty, eyebrows are more than just facial features; they're the defining elements of our expressions and a pivotal aspect of our personal style. Shelly Nguyen, the founder of the renowned Brows by Shelly - a permanent makeup studio in Long Beach, California, is a maestro in the art of brow shaping and design. Shelly stands out as a master of brow shap8ing and permanent makeup. Her journey into the world of beauty and her innovative techniques have transformed the way we perceive and style our brows. In this exclusive interview, Nguyen shares her insights, tips, and secrets to creating brows that don't just frame the face but define your personality.

The Journey to Brows by Shelly

Shelly Nguyen's passion for beauty began early in her life, but it was her fascination with the transformative power of eyebrows that led her to specialize in brow styling. "Brows are not just about beauty; they're about expressing who you are," says Nguyen. Her brand, Brows by Shelly, started as a small studio and has now evolved into a sought-after destination for anyone looking to elevate their brow game.

The Philosophy of Brow Shaping

Nguyen believes that each set of brows is unique, and her approach is tailored to individual facial structures and personal styles. "It's important to shape the brows because it enhances the natural features of the face," she explains. Her technique involves a meticulous analysis of face shape, bone structure, and even personality traits to create the perfect brow shape. "The benefits of this are that you can save so much time in the morning when you have your brows done and realistically you wouldn't have to wear much makeup when it's already doen, you can get up and go."

Signature Techniques and Trends

Nguyen is known for her signature technique using a thread and wax pencil to create a shape first, then go in with aa razor to gently clean off any peach fuzz or hair that is grown on the forehead area or eyelid skin. Her method of creating 'famous-looking brows' is not about mimicking celebrity styles but about enhancing natural beauty. "I typically shape based off the eyes, nose and bone structure. All of my shapes are unique to every facial structure," Nguyen shares. She achieves a makeup-up like or powdery finish by delicately placing tiny pixels onto the skin, ensuring a beautiful result, and offering her clients a a safer alternative to microblading.

Shelly excels in providing a tailored experience, always ensuring her clients' comple satisfaction. Shelly's approach to permainent makeup includes her meticulous approach to brow shaping, which is customized to each client's unique facial features, and the application of thin layers of pigment - specifically, ombre powder - with a tattoo gun. "The current trend for ombre powder brows is just to enhance the natural shape. The difference from the brows now versus popular trends - such as 'Sharpie brows' or using highlighter to outline the brows - is that the brows are only darker from the tails but gradually get lighter as it approaches the fronts (towards the nose)." The aftercare for brows is low maintenance but it doesn't mean no maintenance. Beacuse the brows are already shaped on the face, the client just needs to clean the hair around them. Her makeup studeio offers lamination for the clients that want that extra fluff after getting their brows done.

Shelly's picks for the best eyebrow serums for growth/thickness? "Castor oil, GrandeBROW Enhancing Serum or The Ordinary lash and brow serum."

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