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Introducing the Radiant World of Shades by Shan

Picture a world where beauty is not just skin deep, but a transformative force for good.

Shan Berries, owner of Shades by Shan

That's exactly the universe Shan Berries has created with Shades by Shan, a Bay Area beauty brand that's redefining the beauty industry one shade at a time. More than just a cosmetics brand, Shades by Shan is a mission-driven endeavor with a heart as big as its product range, dedicated to empowering and supporting single parents.

In the five years since its inception, Shades by Shan has evolved from a humble beginning with just two SKUs to a product line boasting over 70 items. What's more, its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and representation in the beauty industry has caught the attention of major players like BoxyCharm and Ipsy. Today, you can find their fantastic products nationwide at JCPenney Beauty. But what sets Shades by Shan apart is its unbreakable dedication to uplifting single parents.

Ariana: What inspired you to create the brand Shades by Shan?

Shan: Makeup has always been my passion, and I dreamt of crafting a makeup line that wasn't just another face in the crowd but one that made a positive impact on the world. The inspiration struck close to home when I looked at my single mom. She's not just the driving force behind Shades by Shan; she's the very soul of our brand and the Mamaberries Nonprofit Foundation. Every time we release a new, high-quality makeup product, we're giving back to single parents in need. It's a cycle of giving that keeps me endlessly inspired.

A: How is Shades by Shan uplifting single parents? What does the Mamaberries Foundation do?

S: Through the Mamaberries Nonprofit Foundation, anyone can nominate single parents in need through our website. Our dedicated committee reviews these nominations, and several times a year, we provide financial support to deserving single parents. This aid can go towards various needs, such as daycare, bills, car payments, and rent. We aim to offer practical help, raise awareness, and let single parents know they are not on this journey alone. We want them to understand that people care and are willing to offer a helping hand. Parenting alone can be challenging, but resources exist for those facing difficulties. We are here to extend that support to any single parent in need.

A: How does Shades by Shan benefit the Hispanic Community?

S: Shades by Shan benefits the Hispanic Community by recognizing the diversity within it. As a Latina-led brand, we understand the range of skin tones and beauty preferences that exist. Our products are formulated to cater to these diverse needs, ensuring that everyone feels represented and included. Our mission to empower and inspire extends to all communities, aiming to motivate fellow Latinas to pursue their passions, whether it's makeup or entrepreneurship.

A: How do you feel about your products being available on BoxyCharm, Ipsy, and at JCPenney?

S: It's truly a dream come true! Seeing our products on the shelves of these retailers is incredibly surreal. If you had asked me initially whether this was possible, I would never have imagined it in a million years. But with relentless hard work, the impossible becomes possible. Being recognized as one of their prestigious Latin brands is an honor that drives me to strive even harder. When I look at our gondola display, I have to pinch myself – I still can't believe it.

A: Do you think being a talented radio and television personality inspired you to create this makeup brand? Did you feel that there was a lack of shades for Hispanic women?

S: My career as a radio and television personality has connected me with people who followed my journey and opened doors to an amazing and supportive group of followers. Drawing inspiration from my mother, I embarked on a path I never thought I would – creating cosmetics. She encouraged us to start our own business, and though I didn't know what it would be then, the desire to be an entrepreneur was always in me. Credit is definitely due to my mom for instilling that drive in me. Five years ago, I strongly felt that there was a lack of shade ranges and inclusivity in the makeup industry. This notion was at the forefront of my mind. I'm proud to say that our brand has embraced inclusivity, catering to various shades and considering what works best for most. It's heartwarming to witness our positive impact on this aspect.

A: When did you start thinking about creating a makeup brand?

S: The idea of creating a makeup brand started to take shape when I noticed numerous influencers collaborating with various makeup companies. Seeing their significant follower base made me wonder why they weren't launching their brands. Then, it hit me – if they could, so could I! While I didn't have as many followers as they did, I felt the urge to give it a shot.

My love for makeup has always been strong, and I thought, "Why not?" I was tired of investing in products that didn't live up to expectations, leaving me unexcited about makeup applications. I wanted something consistent that I could be excited about every time I put it on. That's when the idea to launch my makeup brand emerged. Creating a makeup line meant more than just offering products. It meant ensuring consistency, transparency about where customers' money was going, and contributing positively to the community. I wanted to make a difference by delivering quality and empowerment through makeup.

A: What ingredient makes the formula special?

S: Call it cheesy, but it's genuine love. Our journey involves an intense testing process, both by me and the team. We also consider high-quality ingredients that are good for the skin, like vitamin E, squalane, shea butter, olive extract, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid for our formulas. If even one person raises a concern, we will release it when reevaluating and reformulating. Many brands might not take this route, but for us, each product we introduce must be nothing short of perfect. We might be small, but we're a brand committed to excellence.

Shades by Shan is more than a beauty brand; it's a beautiful blend of passion, purpose, and makeup that caters to everyone. With Shan Berries at the helm, it's clear that the future of beauty is not just about looking good but also about doing good. So, go ahead, embrace your unique shade with Shades by Shan and join the movement for inclusivity, representation, and empowerment, one makeup product at a time.


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