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Snapshots Of Life

Perfect Ways To Capture The Memories

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Life can whizz past us in a haze and at some speed. There is no hiding from the fact that while we live our lives, time can often feel like it’s dragging. But then we can all be guilty of wondering how we got to the end of another year and finding that life is fast-paced. In this modern world of smartphones, digital cameras, and social media, many of us are trying to capture the memories as best we can. Taking snapshots of our lives no matter how mundane or exciting one day to the next is.

But, while so much is done online these days, is it really going to be the best way to share memories or look back on our memories in years to come? Are there any other ways we can spread joy, remember and look back on our treasured moments? With that in mind, here are some of the ways we can capture that memory and ensure that we spread the love. Either to ourselves or to others.

Let's embrace snail mail once more

Decades ago, the only way you could keep in touch with someone was by sending a letter. There is something quite endearing about it, and these days it is now seen as exciting to receive something in the post. Whether you decide to write a letter including some pictures or sending postcards with personal pictures on the front, the novelty of receiving something in the post will never grow old. This is a great way to share images and pictures and even your thoughts with older friends and relatives.

Create an application group

If you like the idea of keeping things digital, then why not utilize phone applications to create a group message. Apps like Whatsapp can enable you to create a group chat, and then send images and messages between one another, having a group discussion and sharing the memory together. This is a modern way of keeping in touch with one another, and is perfect if friends or family don’t live close by. You can even enjoy video calls through them, making it a great way to capture memories, share moments, and keep in touch.

Use phone software like iCloud sharing


Some phones like iPhone have a photo sharing option through iCloud that enables you to upload pictures to an album that has been shared with another iPhone user. This can be a quick and easy way to keep your images tidy on your phone, as well as sharing them with friends and loved ones. Another great way to help keep in touch with friends and family who may not live close by.

Spend some time scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is something that you may have done as a child, but there is something quite nostalgic about creating them as an adult. Whether you are doing it for your own personal gain, or for children as they grow up, scrapbooking can be a fantastic way to capture the memories and share images as well as souvenirs. It works well for days out, holidays or things like school breaks. It is also a lovely way to enjoy some time to yourself and relax. You can get all of your craft supplies out such as pens, papers, brads for sticking things together and embellishing the scrapbooks, and just generally having fun with it. They are the perfect keepsake for the future and a lovely thing to look back on in years to come.

Create a photograph album

Years ago, people used to spend time placing printed pictures in albums and having them stored on their bookshelves. So this could be something you might want to bring back and incorporate into your home. Thankfully, the tradition of things like a wedding album hasn’t died out just yet but you could start making them for yourself. A great idea to have one created for each year or create albums specific to events such as a holiday or a season. You can do them the old-fashioned way or look to create a digital photo album easily done online. Add the pictures and then have them printed into a book that you can keep forever. Just like a scrapbook is the perfect way to look back on memories.

Display your most loved shots in frames

Finally, when was the last time you updated the photo frames in your home? Why not add some of your most recent and favorite captures to your frames and display them proudly around your home? It’s a constant reminder of happier times and memories. We can often forget to do this, so it is a lovely way to have a reminder of recent memories you have made as well as displaying some older treasured moments. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you to create keepsakes and capture the memories.

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