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Louloudi Skincare

A collection formulated to nurture the skin and soul organically.


Nature is the best source of radiance and Louloudi Skincare embraces this natural synergy. A skin care routine worthy to be embraced as a ceremonial awakening is the vision behind the ethically sourced collection. Each product is 100% organically formulated with a unique blend of herbology, chemistry and Reiki to pay homage to the science behind Mother Nature’s magic healing. Sustainability is their true mission. The brand name Louloudi (pronouned loo-lu-di ) translates into ‘flower/bloom’ and is the perfect mantra to focus on as you nurture your self-care needs. What better routine for your complexion.

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Microneedle Anti-Aging Eye Patches

Often the most neglected, yet most delicate skin on your face, is around the eyes. Tending to this thin area of skin is key to a radiant complexion. The anti-aging actives in the Microneedle Anti-Aging Eye Patch by Louloudi are 99% absorbant and will actively reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles developing around the eyes with 100% organic hyaluronic acid - no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil or anything else that is less than natural. Working overnight, each patch contains 400+ needles with active compounds to repair, replenish and plump the skin is a way that will boost your natural glow.


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