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Cashmere Moon

For skin as soft as cashmere, your skin care regimen needs products that are nutrient-rich and naturally clean.


Well-hydrated skin is pivotal to your skin having its own special glow. The ultra-hydration provided by Cashmere Moon's body creams, lotions and oils is perfect for creating a great barrier of defense against germs and environmental toxins that irritates your skin. The irritations caused by these elements can grow worse, resulting in itchy, flaky skin and possible inflammation. For best results, clean beauty is in order to keep skin moisturized during the day and to treat the skin for continued prevention of irritation, dryness and cracking to vulnerable skin. This makes Cashmere Moon the perfect solution to having a gorgeous complexion for many years to come. See for yourself!

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Creamy, Dreamy Hydration.

Whipped Hand Lotion

The lightweight yet absorbant texture of the Whipped Hand Lotion is smooth and non-greasy. It's consistency is a dream come true and purely luxe. You'll find that one of the greatest attributes of this product (among many, may we add) is that you are able to moisturize your hands and touch something without product stains or residue. Can you imagine writing a note immediately after using this hand lotion? Well, it's true. There truly is no residue or scent left behind on the surface of anything you touch after application - just simple suppleness. Your hands are left feeling as if they are enveloped in silk-lined cashmere. The formulation is nothing less than luxe-soft skin!

Lavender Rose Glow Oil

A light oil that holds alot of moisture is what you will find in the Lavender Rose Glow Oil. We find that this body oil is the perfect double-duty aftercare product - a great moisturizer after showering and a much-needed serum after shaving. It's duality provides an immediate barrier of hydration to lock in moisture so that your skin doesn't dry out. Hot showers or shaving does not stand a chance at drying out your skin. It provides moisture all day long and a little goes a long way. This product is powerful.

Glow Like The Moon

All of the products at Cashmere Moon provides anti-aging ingredients while moisturizing and softening the skin. From its whipped body creams to its bath salts, suppleness is featured in the entire collection.

Their mission is simple: Naturally Nourished Glowing Skin. Always.

Mission accomplished, Cashmere Moon!


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