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Inside Abryelle’s Vanity

Miami's Edgy Model

Miami's edgy model Abryelle

Discovering the top beauty products of a model feels like discovering a secret. There’s something about figuring out how their skin looks flawless, and then finally getting that same product they use. Right after I viewed Abryelle’s Instagram, I had to find out her top beauty productson her vanity. Her skin and makeup is always perfect, and below you’ll figure out why.

Merit Foundation Stick

Abreyelle needs to have the Merit Foundation Stick because it is lightweight. The humid weather of Miami definitely calls for a lightweight foundation. On top of that, it is buildable and it can be used as a foundation or a concealer. She also loves how natural-looking the finish is. It’s medium coverage, so it diminishes the look of acne marks and other spots. It also has fatty acids which condition the skin and the sea daffodil extract helps mask discoloration.

The Ordinary Niancimide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum

Wondering how Abreyelle’s skin is bright and smooth? If so, look no further because it is because Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% formula of Oridinary. It is a water-based serum that improves the skin barrier over time and boosts brightness of the skin. It contains a high 10% concentration of Niacinamide (AKA vitamin b3) and zinc PCA. The Ordinary Niancinamide + Zinc also hydrates the skin enough, and it is very lightweight which is the perfect match for the Miami weather as well. It controls oil production which is a major plus for Abreyelle.

YSL Perfume

The scent of floral perfume is quite conflicting and different in beachy area such as Miami beach. Abreylle loves that unique and bold floral feminine fragrance, and it’s her go-to perfume. YSL contains lavender essence from France combined with a hint of Moroccan orange blossom. That scent also gives her an extra boost of confidence before she goes to photoshoots and castings since it’s long-lasting, even in the hot weather of Miami.

Try Her Products this Spring and Summer!

Take a look into her favorite products, and her top three products may even become your favorite! If you live in hot humid weather or if you’re in an area where it’s hot all summer long, then you’d want to look into Abreyelle’s favorite products without a doubt!

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