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6 Must-Haves for the Great Outdoors

Now that warmer days are here, it finally feels like summer. Brunches, bottles of crisp rosé, and the promise of sunny afternoons evoke a certain sense of adventure in the air. But the question remains: where to go? While there are plenty of destination options out there, a few of my favorite summer snapshots feature woodsy campsites, grilled sweet corn, and cool crisp air against the summer heat. If this at all sounds promising, might I suggest the great outdoors?

If you are new to the camping experience, late spring through the fall make the perfect window for exploration. You can pack light and not worry about unpredictable weather conditions. And though camping is considered a low-maintenance activity, you still want to be prepared. With that in mind, if you were wondering what to bring, we got you covered. Ahead, we rounded up essentials from first aid kits to beauty product hacks and splashy pouches to store everything in, all specially curated for your time in the wild.

Most sunscreens are known to leave behind a ghostly sheen, but this super sun protective product does the opposite – it casts a sunkissed glow. Part highlighter, part sunscreen, the Supergoop! Glowscreen comes in two shades: “Sunrise” and “Golden Hour.” The all-in-one product offers sun protection, light coverage, and that enviable glow we’re always striving for.

There are days when the effort just can’t be mustered. For those into no-fuss products, this gel tint is the holy grail. In under three hours, brows that last up to three days are possible. Directions are simple: apply the gel onto brows, and after two hours, you peel off, and voila! Natural, shaded waterproof brows that don't need reapplication (for up to 72 hours at least!)

Now, the worst way to commemorate a trip is with an itchy constellation of bug bites. This DEET-free and naturally scented bug spray will keep pesky mosquitos and ticks away without the harsh chemicals found in most bug repellents (and the potentially risky side effects.) It smells strongly of citrus oils, which insects hate, and a few spritzes throughout the trip will help keep bug bites at bay.

Certain luxuries like hot showers are sacrifices you make while camping. But with these Sea to Summit wipes, hygiene doesn't have to be an issue. PH balanced, non-scented, and packed with aloe vera and vitamin E, you can still have that good clean feeling at the end of a long day. Plus, they don't leave behind a sticky rescue and are compostable (but we highly encourage the "pack out" rule and leave nature as you found it.)

First known for its brightly designed reusable grocery bags, Baggu has expanded its line to include products for the home, handbags, and storage and organization goods. And what better way to sort your belongings than with these colorful, machine-washable pouches? Available in a set of three in varying sizes, you can divvy up space in your duffle bag to store beauty products, undergarments, and even shoes. Now the toughest part – which design to choose?

Welly's Excursion Kit holds all the necessities you need for a quick fix in the wilderness. Packed in a durable ocean blue-hued tin, there are 200 first aid kit items from waterproof bandages to butterfly strips and anti-biotic and hydrocortisone packets to even a vial of ibuprofen for your (minor) safety needs.



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