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Our List of Summer Trends and Editor Picks

Browse this season's Style & Beauty Guide full of beauty and style items and learn more about upcoming styles and products with links to purchase for your new summer look! Each guide of collections are updated with fresh new items to keep you informed of new trends, sales and exclusive discounts to ensure that your style this season is as chic, sophisticated and versatile as the woman wearing it. Go through our racks by clicking on each image and discover that must-have items that you cannot live without!

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Summer 2022 Fashion Trends & How to Incorporate Them into Your Wardrobe

Spring is never a long-lasting season in Boston but this year it feels as if we leaped from winter into summer without any warning. As you swap your cold-weather essentials for shorts, tanks, breezy dresses and sandals, think about how you may want to incorporate this season’s hottest trends into your wardrobe. Summer is a great time to add some inexpensive trendy pieces to refresh your wardrobe and make it more modern and fun.

Before you go shopping, familiarize yourself with current fashion trends. Flip through a few magazines, scroll through your Instagram feed, or even watch runway shows on Vogue Runway app. It’s a good practice to follow a few streetstylers to help you be aware of what trends are in vogue. By doing so (and you may not realize it), with time you will train yourself to recognize what’s currently in style vs what’s outdated. Unless you are a die-hard fashionista, you do not have to embrace every single trend out there – you just have to think which ones may make you look and feel great as well as be appropriate for your lifestyle. If you adhere to a conscious and sustainable way of consumption, try on “long” trends such as minimalism, eco leather, etc.

Let’s look at a few of those trends below and think about how you may want to make them work in your wardrobe:


The most obvious choice for a warm weather, color was in abundance on the runway this season! If you generally wear a lot of neutrals or simply don’t know how to match colors, start by adding an accent accessory such as a handbag or a pair of shoes to your wardrobe. If you then feel more courageous, add a few colorful pieces of clothes. If you do not enjoy wearing bright colors, try pastel hues that are most appropriate during this time of the year.

Total White

Nothing relieves the heat of summer better than an all-white, breezy outfit! On top of that, a total white outfit may make you look expensive and refined. For inspiration, turn to Fendi SS’22 collection.

Mini Length

The time to flaunt those legs is now! Go with what feels right for you in terms of length or skip it altogether if you don’t feel comfortable in a mini skirt. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Turn to Dior SS’22 runway collection for inspiration on how to wear bright-colored minis.

Low Rise Fit

Y2K fashion is coming back with a vengeance this summer! And what represents the era better than a pair of low-rise bottoms? If you missed those, you have the official permission to be at the forefront of fashion and rock them again this season!


Cutouts are everywhere this season! Dresses, tops, pants… with ties and without; in bright colors and in neutrals. This is another great way to let your body breathe in this heat so go ahead - show some skin!


One of the most recognized attributes of boho, fringe décor adorned both clothing and accessories this season. If wearing a dress or a skirt with fringed bottom is too gypsy for you, try a handbag like here:


Feather trimmed tops and skirts first appeared in last year’s winter holiday collections and have stuck around since. Bright colored accessories embellished with dainty feathers are all the rage this season!


Sequined pieces tend to be worn for special occasions. As you may remember, in my last blog post, I wrote about how to incorporate sequins into your everyday looks. I strongly believe that every piece in your wardrobe should be working hard so match those sequined skirts with athleisure items such as hoodies, sneakers, and bombers.


You may not think to reach for knitwear in the heat of the summer but this year, designers made them so airy and light that they can be on their own or layered over other clothes.

To summarize, this summer is promising to be anything but boring, as we embrace bright colors, fun textures, and feminine shapes!


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