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The Diversity of South Korean Fashion Shines at New York Fashion Week

THE SELECTS Showroom Held at 500 West 22nd Street

the selects showroom

Recently, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) announced that THE SELECTS showroom, which supports emerging Korean fashion designers, will be held during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) from February 13th to 16th at "500 West 22nd Street" in New York's Chelsea district. South Korea's cultural industry has gained global acclaim, particularly for its emphasis on K-pop and dramas. Building on this success, Korean fashion is now establishing its presence on the international stage.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of South Korea, in collaboration with the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), presents seasonal women's fashion showrooms in New York and Paris, reinforcing its status as the global epicenter of Korean fashion culture. The current season highlights nine brands for their innovative designs and growth potential.

Featured brands include:

  • BMUET(TE): Showcasing rebellious and kitschy aesthetics.

  • CAHIERS: An elegant and sophisticated brand offering high-quality women's clothing.

  • DOUCAN: A practical brand blending graphics with couture dresses.

  • EN OR: A popular contemporary brand reflecting modern design and trends.

  • JULY COLUMN: A label boasting high quality and sophisticated aesthetics.

  • MAISON NICA: A creative brand harmonizing traditional techniques with modern design.

  • MMAM: A globally popular brand representing deconstructionism in South Korean fashion.

  • SEOKWOON YOON: An innovative brand showcasing the South Korean avant-garde of the new era.

  • VEGAN TIGER: A sustainable fashion brand presenting street sensibilities and diverse vegan materials.

The reason why Korean fashion is consistently preferred in New York attributes to factors, such as swift production and delivery, impeccable quality, and effective communication with the global market. The power of Korean fashion lies in its delicate designs and robust sewing quality. This contributes to their sustained popularity in global fashion hubs like New York.

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