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Linger Magazine publisher Selected as Fashion Mingle Boston Ambassador

We are so excited to announce that our very own publisher, Tiffany Tate, has been chosen as the new Boston ambassador of Fashion Mingle! In her new role, Tiffany is dedicated to being a resource to Boston-area creative talents profiled on the fastest growing network of independent fashion professionals.

Fashion Mingle is changing the way fashion does business locally and beyond. Tiffany believes this is more important now than ever and is excited to be a part of that charge.

"Boston has a plethora of talent in the fashion and beauty sectors. The current pandemic has broken many systems globally that were thought to be solid in the fashion industry, forcing independent creatives to re-think their processes and strategy. For those who nurtured their passion took time to re-charge, re-think and rebuild. They understood and answered the need to pivot. As the Boston ambassador of Fashion Mingle, I want to support and guide Boston fashion industry professionals on a platform that embraces such tenacity. Together, let's thrive where fashion lives."

Be sure to register for the March 5th Mingle Mastermind networking event, featuring Tiffany on an expert panel. This lively discussion is where you can promote your business and get your questions answered from the expert panelists: Catherine Schuller, founder of Runway The Real Way, Dale Noelle, owner of TRUE Model Management, Shirin Movahed, Fashion Law expert, Dee Rivera, CEO & founder of DCG PR, and Melissa Shea, CEO & co-founder of Fashion Mingle.

We encourage you to sign up for a free Fashion Mingle profile prior to the event so you can connect directly with our panelists after the webinar. Just click here to make your free Fashion Mingle profile today!



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