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Inside Becky Dessa’s Closet

A Sustainable Micro Influencer who Has A Unique Sense of Style

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Fashion is a form of self-expression, and for micro-influencer Becky Dessa, her style speaks volumes. With her eye-catching looks and effortless confidence, Becky has carved out a niche in the fashion world with her unique sense of style that is a perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and sustainability.

One staple in Becky's wardrobe that she can't live without is her trusty pair of black Converse sneakers. She loves how versatile they are, as they can be paired with almost anything in her wardrobe, from casual jeans to trendy dresses. Whether she's running errands or hitting the streets for a photoshoot, her Converse sneakers are always her go-to footwear, adding a cool and edgy vibe to her outfits.

When it comes to bottoms, Becky is a fan of leg trousers and Levi's dad jeans. She appreciates the relaxed fit and timeless style of leg trousers, which can be dressed up for a chic office look or dressed down for a casual day out. As for Levi's dad jeans, Becky loves how they add a touch of nostalgia to her wardrobe, with their high-rise fit and relaxed silhouette. She often pairs them with a vintage band tee for a cool and effortless look.

One of Becky's favorite things to do is thrift shopping, and she always goes on the hunt for oversized crewneck sweaters or tees. She loves the comfort and coziness of these oversized pieces, and how they can easily be layered for a stylish and relaxed look. Whether she's lounging at home or out and about, Becky finds these thrifted gems to be interchangeable and effortlessly chic.

Becky's approach to fashion is simple: "see it, like it, wear it." She doesn't pay much attention to brands, but instead focuses on finding pieces that resonate with her personal style and make her feel confident and comfortable. She believes that fashion is not about following trends or wearing expensive labels, but rather about expressing oneself and feeling good in what you wear.

Becky's unique sense of style has earned her a loyal following on social media, where she shares her fashion inspiration and tips for creating stylish looks without breaking the bank. Her approach to fashion has also influenced her followers to be more mindful about their consumption and to embrace thrift shopping as a sustainable and budget-friendly way to update their wardrobe.

In a world where fast fashion and brand-consciousness often dominate the fashion industry, Becky Dessa stands out as a micro-influencer with a refreshing approach to style. She serves as an inspiration to many who strive to express themselves authentically through their personal style, regardless of trends or labels. So, if you' looking for some fashion inspiration that's all about comfort, versatility, and sustainability, just take a peek inside Becky Dessa's closet.

You're sure to be inspired!

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