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A groundbreaking collaboration to further shape evolution in fashion worldwide.

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This September, New York Fashion Week, the preeminent event that shapes culture, trends, and fashion evolution worldwide, is poised to embrace immersive technology in a groundbreaking collaboration between trailblazing tech startups and MetaBurnett. The partnership will unfold during New York Fashion Week at the Nolcha Shows, an award-winning platform known for championing emerging independent fashion designers., a pioneering fan engagement solution powered by state-of-the-art digital features, and MetaBurnett, a visionary digital-first luxury fashion brand, are the official tech partners for Nolcha Shows. They are merging their cutting-edge expertise in fashion and technology to craft the captivating Nolcha Experience Lounge. This innovative space will feature scannable NFC fashion looks, brand experiences, and exclusive opportunities to win prizes. All participating designers will receive complimentary tech consultations, demos, and a custom brand activation, elevating the bar for fashion events to come. This forward-thinking approach elevates attendees from passive observers to active participants, revolutionizing fan-brand interactions. and Metaburnett’s partnership is underscored by their shared commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in fashion and beyond. They have previously showcased their transformative vision as the official tech partners for Hamptons Fashion Week, an endeavor that has set the stage for their upcoming Nolcha Shows collaboration. The success of Hamptons Fashion Week serves as a testament to their ability to merge fashion and technology seamlessly.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nolcha Shows for New York Fashion Week 2023,” says Manuela Seve, CEO and co-founder of “This alliance marks a transformative moment for fashion and technology, redefining how we engage with the ever-changing fashion landscape."

The Nolcha Shows New York Fashion Week Event is scheduled for September 10th, culminating with an after-party on September 13th. The night promises a not to be missed experience, commencing at the Nolcha Experience Lounge and climaxing with runway showcases that spotlight emerging talents including Oh Polly, Francesca Cottone, NY Culture Club, and more. The designs will be showcased in front of a global audience, comprising press, retailers, stylists, and industry influencers. This is only the start of and Metaburnett’s mission to redefine the boundaries of fashion engagement, forging a path to an empowering future at the crossroads of fashion and technology. is a leading web3 company offering cutting-edge fan engagement solutions that empower brands to connect with their audiences through immersive digital experiences. The company's innovative platform helps brands grow and track fan bases, revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their followers.

MetaBurnett is a digital-first, experiential luxury fashion brand that pioneers the fusion of technology and fashion. With a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, MetaBurnett aims to reshape the fashion landscape and create unforgettable experiences for fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Nolcha Shows is an award-winning event renowned for its dedication to promoting emerging independent fashion designers. As a dynamic platform, Nolcha Shows showcases the vanguard of fashion talent during New York Fashion Week.

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