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Wellness Ingredients You Need To Know

The Wellness Ingredients For Whole-Body Health

Just as superfoods can aid in whole-body health, wellness ingredients can provide a host of benefits in skincare, body and hair care products — and much more. Amanda Bradley, wellness manager at Healthy Living, a family-owned grocer serving Vermont and New York for nearly 40 years, offers her go-to items to ensure a body that feels good inside and out.

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Willow Bark Extract

Derived from the bark of the willow tree, willow bark extract has been used for centuries to soothe irritated skin. Containing salicin — from which salicylic acid is derived — this versatile ingredient is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, clearing my pores and alleviating any acne and irritation.


A well-known benefit of calendula extract is its ability to help reduce irritation, particularly for those with already sensitive skin. Calendula’s skin-soothing benefits can likely be attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to limit trans-epidermal water loss, strengthening the skin’s defenses against potential irritants. It has been shown to reduce both the visible symptoms and the feeling of skin irritation and discomfort. Calendula also moisturizes and soothes skin suffering from minor cuts, burns, and abrasions. With her own adventurous 4-year-old at home Bradley said she always has this on hand.

Vitamin C

Topical Vitamin C can help with acne through its anti-inflammatory properties that help control sebum (oil) production within the skin. Further, it can reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooth the skin’s surface to reduce dullness. This gives skin a youthful glow. Internally and externally, shower the whole family in Vitamin C!

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay works to absorb oil and keep pores unclogged. It is one of the mildest and most gentle clays, making it ideal for sensitive and reactive skin — it can be used as both an exfoliant or a mask. It's great as an added ingredient, or just as a clay powder you can customize. Bradley said she loves using yogurt for added probiotics or honey for skin softening.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn oil has been used as a traditional skin treatment for centuries. It’s rich in plant compounds — all of which function together to protect your skin’s integrity and promote its renewal. Sea buckthorn can prevent future flare-ups, help to fade scars and promote an overall more even and smoother skin texture.


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