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Virtual Fashion Community Week

Spring/Summer 2021


The spring season welcomed the 12th edition of the award winning Fashion Community Week, the grandest fashion affair in northern California. A four-day soiree of fashion, elegance, community and fun, the virtual Fashion Community Week took place March 10th-13th LIVE online.

March 10th: Worldwide Fashion Tech Conference

A Fashion & Technology conference focusing on the future of fashion featured conversations led by CEOs of global fashion technology companies that are creating history. The insightful conference discussed projections on the future of the fashion industry brought on by current affairs.

March 11th: A Conversation with Global Fashion Designers

An insightful conversation led by fashion designers from around the globe discussing how they are sustaining their business and how to plan for a successful business year. This informative conversation was led by fashion industry tycoons that are making a change in the industry.

March 12th: A New Virtual Fashion Experience

A new virtual fashion runway experience show created with illuminating ambiance and an edgy concept that lives only in our imaginations. This fashion experience provided an opportunity to be the first to view this season’s finest international and local designer collections.

March 13th: Shop The Runway fashion

An exclusive opportunity to shop brand new designer pieces that are not yet released in the

marketplace and are directly ‘hot off the runway’! This unique experience offered insights about the detailing of each design. This event featured the opportunity to shop from local and international fashion designers presented at the Virtual Fashion Community Week.

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