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The Essence of VeggiFace

A new game changer in plant-based skincare, the dynamic duo behind the collection is as genuinely tranformative as their brand.


When it comes to veganism, people often focus on what they are putting inside of their bodies as well as products they use on their face and body. Finding a product that is truly organic is essential for those who have sensitive skin as well. VeggiFace brings its rarity in the beauty industry as a plant-based personal care collection that ranges from skin, hair, body and makeup products that are formulated for all skin tones, skin types and hair types. Debra and Sinclair Dupree, founder and co-founder of VeggiFace, is the dynamic mother/daughter duo behind the helm and shared with us their drive behind the brand.


How the pandemic shaped their vision ...

"During the pandemic, we wanted to focus on sharing how Veggiface can be used for self-care. During those times, that was a very important topic. Women were at home not needing to wear makeup, this was a good time to focus on getting a healthy glow. The inspiration behind the brand was wanting to have clean, fresh from farm-to-face products. There were so many harmful chemicals in the industry, we just wanted to focus on ingredients from the earth that would be beneficial to our skin."

Our skincare philosophy ...

"Our skincare philosophy is using products from the farm-to-the-face. That means the ingredients are from the earth and are highly beneficial to your skin. There is a misconception that a chemical like hydroquinone (used to bleach the skin) is a beneficial ingredient to remove dark spots, when it is extremely harmful and could cause health problems. Veggiface uses ingredients like frankincense and rosehip oil to help promote an even, balanced complexion. With over 40 years of experience between us (Debra, a skincare expert, having worked for many beauty brands; Sinclair, an herbalist and skincare formulator, having worked with herbs, essential oils and medicinal plants for over 15 years), If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin."

Our customer's top skincare concern ...

"The top skincare concern our customer's worry about is evening their complexion. Our audience is both millennials and gen-z that is seeking skincare that is clean and natural to help maintain their youthfulness. They are environmentally conscious and extremely concerned about the earth and how it's affected. The products we recommend for that woul be our Everlasting Facial Serum and our 3-step set which consists of our Aloe & Berry Cleanser, Aloe & Rose Toner and our Aloe & Jojoba Moisturizer. These are used for everyday skincare and they work best for women of all ages and those with combination skin."

Rewarding part of being a skincare founder ...

"The most rewarding part of being a skincare founder is seeing the results and the transformations our customers and clients are experiencing. Knowing that our products are helping people achieve their goal of beautiful and healthy skin. Also, working together as mother and daughter, using our areas of expertise. It is a huge confidence builder all around. The best way for us to refocus when we have a ton of projects is to always remember to pace ourselves, finish one project at a time, and to delegate. Outside of business, we like to spend time with family and watch movies with a great cup of coffee and homemade coconut oil popcorn. We call it our 'party time'."

Building our network in the clean beauty industry ...

"We've built our network in the clean beauty industry from both word of mouth and being the faces of our brand. Our customers have been spreading the word about their experience to their friends and families. We are also customers and users of our brand, so when people see us they see VeggiFace in full effect."

What's to come for VeggiFace ...

"There are two products we would like to make but haven't yet, those are a mascara and an eyeliner. That way, we'll be full service. We have some amazing new body sorbets launching soon, so be prepared for that! In 5 years, we see VeggiFace as the top all-natural beauty brand on the market."


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Cover: Photo by Karl M. Lee

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