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The Direct 'Root' to Hair Growth

Why a clean scalp is the foundation of your hair's optimal health.

Think about your favorite flower in full bloom in a garden. Imagine the silkiness of its petals, the sturdiness of its stem and the plush thickness of its leaves. The vibrancy of its gorgeous color is hard to ignore and attracts the loving gaze of anyone who is lucky enough to view it. The richness in its rich nectar can have your senses wanting to smell it, touch it, behold it. The scheduled maintenance of trimmings, irrigating and cultivating of its entire bush only continues to reinforce the beauty of every branch's cell system by providing more sunshine to pour into its core. As it caretaker, a gardener understands their role as a cultivator and its processes and willfully receives the responsible of such a beauty's upkeep. The gardener also respects what makes this splendor possible.

The beauty lies in the roots. Cultivated properly, the roots remain strong due to the maintenance of the soil - the true foundation. Caring for your scalp is the exact same idea as the gardener cultivating the soil that is the foundation of your favorite flower. Thriving in rich soil that is infused with nutrients and water, treatments to keep irritants away and under control with turnover maintenance and full protection from the elements, the flower has all the room to grow and thrive to its fullest potential.

Your hair deserves the same care. Not only that, providing a similar attentive care and maintenance routine can provide your hair all the room to grow and thrive to its fullest health potential.

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What It Is:

  • A system of hair care products that are made to care for your hair while styled for protection and longevity. This hair product line keeps the scalp's maintenance in full focus due to the skin being the best organ of defense that our hair truly has. The beginning of hair health starts with the scalp and Girl + Hair truly understands this. This system is free from sulfate, alcohol, paraben, phthalate, silicone, color and animal cruelty and is completely color-safe. Backed by scientific research and recommended by dermatologists.

What It Does:

  • All products are made to cleanse, nourish and repair hair while it is pulled away, braided down or pinned up. Even if your hair is paired with a wig, extensions or weave, this collection of products help to keep your hair as clean and healthy underneath for the duration of the chosen protection method. It meets the challenge of utility and convenient, something that if often hard to find but much desired.

Whose It For:

  • Those who are physically-active where where is often present. Those who reside in cold climates and utilize wigs to protect their strands from blistery whether and harsh elements, this collection is perfect for this purpose.

Here a few steps to help cultivate your roots for its journey to flourish:

  1. Cleans with water-to-high-foam shampoo

  2. Clear buildup ACV no-foam rinse

  3. Nourish damp hair with leave-in conditioner

  4. Refresh dry scalp and hair daily with hydrating hair milk

  5. Restore scalp health daily with hair oil


If you treat your hair as a delicate flower that deserves tender care, your hair will love you for it. Be the cultivator that your hair deserves so that it can grow freely to its most beautiful form. No matter the texture or density, your hair deserve to thrive. It's time to cultivate your hair and no longer wait to imagine the silkiness of its strands, the sturdiness of its texture and the plush thickness of its body. The Girl + Hair system is here to begin your new hair regime.

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