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Taylor Swift's Grammy Triumph Sparks Fashion Frenzy

How Her Iconic Look Sets Trends Soaring!

taylor swift
Taylor Swift at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Analysis of Google search data has revealed that online searches for “corset dress have soared 213% worldwide and searches for “watch necklacehave exploded 545% since Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Grammy Awards on February 4th.

A new finding by fashion experts at Boohoo has found that online interest for “corset dress” increased three times the average volume just hours after the star made history at the annual music awards event.

Taylor dazzled in a couture white corset gown featuring a daring thigh-high slit. To complement her look, she styled her hair in an elegant low ponytail, wore her trademark red lip, and accessorized with a watch choker that appeared to be set to midnight. The night proved eventful for the singer after she made history as the first performer to win the prize for album of the year four times, and she announced her new album, The Tortured Poets Department. The album is set to be released April 19th.

Online searches for “black gloves” also jumped by 186% and searches for “Schiaparelli” soared by 733%.

taylor swift

A spokesperson for Boohoo commented on the findings: 

“The surge in interest for Taylor’s style choices is a testament to her status as a global fashion icon and attests to the quality of the labels she wears.  For years now, Taylor has proven her enduring ability to inspire style and generate global brand exposure. It will be interesting to see if the increase in searches for her Grammys look leads to a boost in sales for these style pieces and creates new mainstream fashion trends.” 

taylor swift

taylor swift


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