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Summer's Eve® Takes Shame Out of the Odor Game with Ultimate Odor Protection Line

Summer's Eve®, the leading feminine hygiene brand, unveils its latest innovation: the Ultimate Odor Protection line.

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This new product range aims to shatter taboos surrounding intimate hygiene, ensure freshness, and empower women to embrace their bodies confidently.

Research has shown that many women feel uncomfortable discussing vaginal odor, and even more distressingly, a considerable number do not take action to address it. In a recent survey, seven out of 10 women admitted to feeling self-conscious about their vaginal scent1, yet 57% of women 25-49 revealed that they did not actively seek solutions.

Understanding the profound impact of these findings, Summer's Eve® embarked on a mission to develop an antidote that not only tackles odor effectively but also fosters open conversations about intimate wellness. Ultimate Odor Protection offers women a solution for long-lasting freshness and odor control.

Summer's Eve Ultimate Odor Protection features a variety of products tailored to fit active lifestyles and different hygiene preferences. From intimate washes to cleansing cloths, each item is meticulously crafted with gentle yet effective formulas to maintain the natural balance of the body's delicate intimate area.

"At Summer's Eve, we believe that no woman should feel ashamed or hesitant to address her intimate hygiene concerns," said Cassin Chaisson, VP of Marketing at Summer's Eve. "With our new Ultimate Odor Protection Line, we aim to break down barriers and encourage open dialogue about vaginal health. Every product in this line is formulated to help women proactively seek ultimate freshness with confidence."

Key features of Summer's Eve Ultimate Odor Protection include:

·       Formulas that are pH-Balanced with boric acid and that are gentle on the skin.

Refreshing Fragrances: Infused with light, refreshing scents to leave you feeling clean and revitalized.

·       Dermatologist and Gynecologist Tested: ensuring safety.

·       Made without dyes or parabens.

·       Products not tested on animals.

summers eve

Products include:

Daily Refreshing Spray

Summer’s Eve Ultimate Odor Protection Daily Refreshing Spray for women contains a patented odor reducing ingredient. This unique vaginal spray has a fresh scent, absorbs moisture and sprays on dry for an extra boost of freshness whenever you need it. Ideal for all day, on-the-go vaginal odor protection, this clinically tested, talcum-free, feminine spray reduces odor without disrupting natural pH* (*based on the natural pH range of a woman’s external intimate area) and is gentle enough for daily use. Summer’s Eve Ultimate Odor Protection Daily Refreshing Spray has two times the moisture absorbing power for lasting freshness compared with other Summer’s Eve sprays. It is perfect for use after bathing, post-workout, or a quick refresh throughout the day.


Daily Refreshing Wash

Summer’s Eve Ultimate Odor Protection Daily Refreshing Wash for women is made with a patented odor-reducing ingredient. This unique feminine wash is formulated with boric acid complex for a pH balanced wash to match the body’s natural chemistry. This fresh scented, pH-balanced feminine wash cleanses away odor and discharge without irritating sensitive skin as it is gentle enough for daily use. Summer’s Eve Ultimate Odor Protection Daily Refreshing Wash is the ideal addition to your shower or bath routine.


Daily Refreshing Wipes

with a patented odor-reducing ingredient. These unique on-the-go, gynecologist-tested feminine wipes are formulated with a boric acid complex for pH balanced wipes to match the body natural chemistry. Proven to reduce odor, this fresh scented feminine wipe cleanses away odor and discharge without irritating sensitive skin. These Summer’s Eve wipes for women are gentle enough for daily use. The individually wrapped body wipes are ideal for an advanced clean on-the-go; keep these feminine hygiene products in your purse, gym bag, or luggage to cleanse away odor while travelling.


The launch of Summer's Eve's Ultimate Odor Protection line coincides with the brand’s Walmart Women’s Wellness Month partnership and a broader campaign to reinvent the hygiene space by destigmatizing dialogues around vaginal odor and encourage proactive self-care among women. The new products will be featured via Walmart in educational videos, sampling efforts, content creators and digital efforts. By leveraging these platforms, Summer's Eve aims to empower women to prioritize their intimate wellness without hesitation or embarrassment.

Summer's Eve's Ultimate Odor Protection Line is now available for purchase on Amazon, at Walmart stores, and select retailers nationwide.

Visit or follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok for more information.

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