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SARGASSO Digital Fashion Show

Ecoolska highlights sustainable fashion that flows like the sea.

Ecoolska is one of the first brands that explores the shifting realities of fashion and has presented its new digital fashion show «SARGASSO» and virtual booth in the Metaverse!

New marvelous collection «SARGASSO» includes fascinating dresses, shimmering tops and multiple pearlescent details. Semi-transparent elements give a feeling of tenderness, lightness that is often associated with the mystery of the sea. All digital garments are presented on 3D mannequins of various looks, supporting the concept of diversity and equality.

The designer and founder Olska Green was inspired by the Sargasso Sea that is located within the Atlantic Ocean known as the only sea without a land boundary. Sargasso sea provides a home to an amazing variety of marine species, but first of all - different types of algae.

New digital fashion show «SARGASSO» brings a significant topic to think about: Algae and its sustainable and essential role in the planet's well-being. Algae produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, act as the base for the aquatic food chain, remove pollutants from water, and stabilize sediments.



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