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The global fashion platform for true aficionados of fashion.

República gives a platform to designers who work with a sense of respect for their communities, local economies, the environment, and the arts to tell important stories, capture forward thinking design, and combine premium with sustainability. As a premium online retail destination that represents and promotes ibero-american designers, República brings together unique designers from different parts of Latin America and beyond. Led by women that share core values and expertise in the slow-fashion movement, the platform’s clothing and accessories meet high standards of craft, wearability, body-inclusivity, and longevity.

"The República platform is an exemplary community that shares culture in style," shares Tiffany Tate, editor of Linger Magazine. "Each designer's talent magnifies the appreciation of intricate artisanship combined with ancestral traditions. Global fashion lives here."

República has so much to offer, such as a world-class shopping experience that invites customers to truly connect with pieces and the stories behind them. More than just clothing for a season or an event, República focuses on wearable art; that is, clothing for a lifetime.

Be sure to check out our full editorial feature of República in the Spring 2021 digital issue of Linger Magazine.

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