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Mystery Cannabis Pipe Smoked on 'Sex and the City' Reboot Revealed

Genius Pipe Sesh in the City.

Viewers noticed an unusual cannabis device being smoked in episodes one and two of the new HBOMax Series, “And Just Like That,” but most had no idea what the mystery device was.

In the premier episode of the Sex And The City reboot, Carrie is clearly envious as Che (Sarah Ramirez) lights up a sleek flat pipe and takes a hit as they ride an elevator together. In the second episode, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) catches her son Brady (Niall Cunningham) smoking weed and the same mystery pipe is dropped hard on the ground. The apparently sturdy pipe is undamaged and goes back into a pocket.

It turns out that the device is a Genius Pipe. Elegantly shaped and sexy, these discrete cannabis pipes are known for their exceptional ability to accentuate the flavor of cannabis. Genius Pipe uses patented technology to deliver cooled and filtered smoke.

For city-dwellers looking for a discreet and healthy way to consume cannabis, the Genius pipe has become a natural choice.

Genius, the cannabis lifestyle brand behind the Genius Pipe, was surprised by the pipe’s appearance on the show.

“We were watching the show like everybody else when we found out,” said Dyan Ferman, CEO of Genius. “We’re thrilled. But not totally surprised. Genius pipes make sense for modern cannabis users who appreciate style, design, and functionality.”

The model of Genius Pipe used on the show is the Genius Mini, a popular Genius model for its stealth, minimalism, beauty, and the way it fits in a smaller hand.

The integration of weed-smoking into the show’s plotline is part of an industry trend that parallels the nation’s shifting attitude toward the plant. Characters can be seen using cannabis as background activity in the way that beer or wine have been used for decades.

The first two episodes of the HBOMax series premiered on Thursday, Dec. 9. The remaining eight 30-minute episodes will premiere every Thursday thereafter. Will the Genius Pipe make another guest appearance? Will Carry be joining Che next for a smoking sesh in the City? Stay tuned!

Genius is a modern cannabis lifestyle brand, built around its flagship innovation, the Genius Pipe. Genius Pipe is the ultimate cannabis tasting pipe, selected by elite connoisseurs of fine herb for its unique cooling and filtering functionality and ultra-stylish design. Available in a variety of styles, including bespoke models with custom engraving. Genius lifestyle platform also features High-End CBD products, fashionable wear and accessories. Genius Pipe has been providing premium products in the United States and abroad since 2014 and has been featured in GQ Magazine, The Daily Beast, High Times, Touch of Modern and endorsed by many influencers in the worlds of music, sports, business and fashion.

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