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Music Partner Unveils Cost-Free Music Licensing During COVID-19

Music Partner announces a new program providing instant relief to filmmakers and video producers facing financial pressure from the COVID-19 outbreak.

While many in the film-making community are eager to resume production in the wake of the global industry's lock-down, they continue to face challenges, raising concerns about production feasibility, project cost-risks, and finance issues.

The Covid Aid program is here to help with some of those challenges. For a limited time, Music Partner is offering access to its Professional-level subscription tier (normally $499/year) at no upfront cost for eligible applicants, allowing them to use the extensive music library and access music services for up to three years at no cost.

Through its revolutionary model, Music Partner shares its publishing revenue, allowing members to generate income from their soundtracks. Now with its even more unprecedented Covid Aid program, eligible members will have no upfront subscription costs.

Music Partner will recover subscription fees from redistributed publishing revenue. Should the publishing revenue not deliver full reimbursement, all subscription fees will be waived, eliminating the entire cost-risk for film producers. Alternatively, once the fee is met, regular profit-sharing of royalties begins in the full spirit of partnership, adding a new source of revenue for filmmakers.

In the spirit of fairness to existing members, members in the Covid Aid program will begin to get a share of music publishing at Zone 2 of the Library formula tables. More info on the website.

Music Partner welcomes professionals film producers to apply at


About Music Partner

Music Partner is the world's only music licensing platform featuring profit sharing. We offer two tiers of subscriptions for a world-class music library as well as scoring and music editing services. We provide filmmakers and video producers with the music that makes visual stories resonate with audiences while transforming creative project costs into a source of profit. Community and partnership are at the core of everything we do.




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