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Lilly Ulrich: Rising Fashion Model Star

Updated: 4 days ago

German Teen Stuns Fashion Show Audiences in New York and Cannes.

lilly ulrich
Photographer: Max Winter

At just 14 years old, Lilly Ulrich recently walked in her third major fashion show in Cannes, France. How did this young talent find her way to the runway?

It all began when Lilly's father, Marco Ulrich, met fashion designer and event producer Andres Aquino and Kelsie McKenna, a 6' tall high fashion model and production assistant, at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Monaco. As luck would have it, they were all stuck in an elevator and started chatting. Marco shared photos of Lilly, mentioning her impressive height of 163 cm (5’4”) at just 9 years old, and talked of her dream of becoming a model. Despite being bullied for her height, Lilly's passion for modeling was evident.

model lilly ulrich
Model Lilly Ulrich takes the runway. Photographer: Max Winter

A few days later, Lilly received an invitation to model at Couture Fashion Week New York from Andres Aquino. The renowned luxury fashion designer created a dress especially for her, and Lilly opened his fashion show, making her dream come true. Since then, Lilly has walked in several more fashion shows for the designer at the Global Short Film Awards Gala, held annually in Cannes, France during the Cannes Film Festival. The black-tie event recognizes excellence in short filmmaking and is attended by industry leaders, VIPs, celebrities and international media.

“Lilly is a rare model talent, and I am delighted to have become friends with her and her

wonderful family,” says designer and producer Andres Aquino. “I am excited to see what the future brings for this exceptional young lady, and look forward to working with her on my upcoming shows and projects.”

The chance encounter in Monte Carlo, coupled with the kindness of Mr. Aquino, transformed Lilly's life, highlighting how unexpected events can lead to extraordinary opportunities.

Lilly’s amazing journey has been covered in major press including RTL (German TV), Bild and Welt.

Now, at age 14, Lilly is striking at 6’4” (189 cm) tall. Her parents remain supportive, ensuring her safety and well-being while she pursues her modeling dreams. Lilly's academic excellence allows her the freedom to pursue her personal aspirations without compromising her education.

At the 9th annual Global Short Film Awards Gala, Lilly walked the runway with other top

fashion models and international beauty queens. In recognition for her talent and work, Lilly was presented with the 2024 Top Model award at the event. The award was presented by Andres Aquino along with event co-hosts Emmy-winning actor and producer Vincent DePaul, and award-winning actress, filmmaker and recording artist Justina Biosah. All in all, it was a beautiful and memorable experience, and she is looking forward to the next event.


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