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Life as a Creative Business Owner

Updated: May 26, 2023

Making a name for yourself in creative industries is challenging, but your goal is to turn your passion into a business.

To get noticed as a creative business owner, branding is absolutely essential. Luckily, whether you’re into fashion or beauty, there are plenty of tools and resources out there to help you get noticed. Today, Linger Magazine shares some tips to help you get started.

Another creative avenue to consider is art. Jordan Wolfson is a great example of entrepreneurial endeavors in the art world. Check out his latest installations and learn more about how he got started in these innovative pursuits while making a career of it.

Make Time for Marketing

Marketing your brand and products may be boring, but it's essential to getting noticed. Even if you primarily see yourself as an artist, artisan, crafter, writer or musician, you're

also a small business owner. The better your marketing, the more people will find your

work and fall in love. The first place to start is a website. Here, people can look at your work, learn more about you as a creator and place orders or commissions. Even if you don't have web development experience, you can utilize a do-it-yourself package such as Wix or free sites such as WordPress. With just a few tips, you can create a professional-looking website:

● Make your pages mobile-friendly.

● Choose a limited color palette.

● Format headers and footers consistently.

Video marketing has many benefits and is a terrific way to promote your work. Companies no longer have to spend a fortune on creating original video content as they have access to stock videos that facilitate their cost-effective marketing campaigns. Stock videos can range from royalty-free materials to very specific elements that can be used in the company's videos. Furthermore, there are many good stock video options which are surprisingly easy to find and subscription-based.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps internet users find your website and social media using keywords. While this

marketing technique may seem reserved for corporations, every creator should utilize it.

Otherwise, you're missing out on potential fans finding your work organically, as according to Bustle, organic searches account for 53.3% of web traffic.

As a small business, you have many options for integrating SEO into your marketing plan:

● Hire a firm

● Work with a freelancer

● Take on the task yourself

In addition to SEO, utilizing other strategies makes marketing even more effective. For

example, emailing newsletters to interested customers can boost traffic during sales and new product launches. You should also put effort into high-quality blogs and landing pages, as well-made content appeals to search engine algorithms.

Build a Community

Building a community is one of the most important things you can do as a creative. Going online is an easy way to start, as social media platforms give you access to a vast audience. To build followers, post with connection in mind:

● Ask questions and hold polls

● Use follower suggestions as inspiration

● Hold giveaways

● Showcase fans

● Post frequently and consistently

Register Your Business

If you want to make a living off your creative endeavors, registering a business can help get you noticed. While many freelancers function as sole proprietors, forming a limited liability company may be the better option, as this business structure protects you from personal liability and provides several tax benefits. You can file the state-specific paperwork for yourself or work with a formation service for a small fee.

Of course, before you register a business, you have to decide on a name. Your company

name should be memorable and related to your products or services. Since you're in a

creative industry, you can have fun with your moniker:

● Use an acronym

● Experiment with wordplay

● Incorporate whimsy

Once you’ve started your business, you need to create a place where you can work. Ideally, this home office or workspace should be a place that’s conducive to creativity and has as much natural light as possible. If you need to make some home renovations, such as finishing a basement or converting a garage, don’t forget to keep your receipts! After all, these improvements have the added benefit of raising your home’s appraisal value as well, so it’s a win-win!

Building a following takes hard work, and much of it will feel mundane and corporate.

However, this effort pays off by giving you the platform you need to flourish. Make some

strategic choices about how to present yourself online. With a little work, you can get back to the creative stuff and enjoy a promising new business.

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Cover: Photo by Karl M. Lee

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