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Visa Fashion Week Almaty Takes Center Stage

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Visa Fashion Week Almaty announce its 8th season.

visa fashion week almaty flyer

VISA Fashion Week Almaty, the event that has become iconic in Asia’s cultural and creative landscape, will unfold within the elegant confines of The Ritz Carlton Ballroom on the 26-27 October featuring 7 Kazakhstani and 3 international designers that will present their SS2023-2024 collections.

"By showcasing designs from Kazakh and other foreign designers, Visa Fashion Week Almaty (VFWA) is actively supporting Central Asian fashion while having a major influence on the global fashion industry," Bauyrzhan Shadibekov, CEO VISA Fashion Week Almaty and VISA Fashion Week Tashekent shared with Linger editor-in-chief, Tiffany Tate. "In addition, VFWA is gathering together journalists, fashion editors, and street photographers from all over the globe, which help fashion designers and bloggers the chance to present their creations on a worldwide platform. Young Kazakh creatives will have a stage provided by VFWA to show off their creations and hone their craft. Most of all, VFWA is influencing how the world views fashion by displaying pieces that creatively and distinctively integrate traditional Kazakh patterns and cultural designs."

In its eighth season, VFWA boldly strides forward, championing concepts of renewal, evolution, and transformation. The concept of the new season of VISA Fashion Week Almaty is mirrored in the showroom and podium design, where the butterfly motif is prominently featured. This presents the audience with a minimalist white space that plays with light and textures, symbolizing a pristine cocoon where masterpieces take form. The event's interior underscores that the new VFWA season has undergone a genuine transformation and will be presented to the audience in an entirely innovative and enhanced manner.

“It’s hard to imagine something more constant – and more changeable – than fashion. The autumn-winter season gives way to the spring-summer season, a new collection appears to outshine the previous one - just as nature changes over time and seasons. In fact, variability is exactly what defines fashion today. That is why the main theme of this season is the cycle of metamorphosis. METAMORPHOSIS is the basis for the birth of everything: life, intellect, art and feelings. We invited our participants to reflect on the topic of variability and tireless development - and we are looking forward to this great show.” says Bauyrzhan Shadibekov, General Director and Producer of VISA Fashion Week Almaty.

"My team and I revamped VFWA Season VIII with new technologies. Every detail, from invitations to the podium, symbolizes the project's rebirth and elevation. This season, our dedication to sustainable fashion is stronger than ever. Recycling and upcycling, not just in fashion but in society, take center stage. It's encouraging to see more recycled fabrics in VFWA collections, with both new and established brands embracing this ethos." he adds.

Visa FWA plays a crucial role in establishing and nurturing a professional platform for the growth of Kazakhstani designers, alongside the education of new talents. Its core mission is to advance Kazakhstani fashion and elevate its global presence, championing both fashion and cultural heritage. The Next Designer Award (NDA) by VFWA is a new initiative aimed at empowering young designers. Winners like Asel Shingisova, who also secured a $10,000 grant from VISA, and Victoria Nadeina, who had the opportunity to present her collection at Saks Fifth Avenue Almaty & VILED Style Astana, will be showcased in the VIII season.

"Central Asia creatives draw their inspiration from a unique blend of oriental heritage and modern technology, which sets them apart from the Western and more well-known fashion weeks," Shadibekov continues. "Our designers showcase a strong connection to Kazakh culture, with a modern twist They often incorporate traditional Kazakh patterns and cultural designs in innovative and unconventional ways, transforming them into new forms such as jewelry and eco-friendly fabrics."

Through the promotion of exceptional talent and the encouragement of inventive thinking, NDA not only elevates the status of creative professions but also cultivates business opportunities for designers. From a pool of over 80 applicants, 10 finalists with extraordinary potential and ambitious visions earned their place in the spotlight. The cream of the crop will have the honor of presenting their collections at VFWA on the second day.

The event will also feature a star-studded guest list, with high-profile names from the fashion, media, photography, and business industries. Among others: Daniele Comunale (Vogue Italia), Jan Boublik (Vogue Czechoslovakia, Marc Medina (Photographer), Chidozie Obasi (Photographer).

Partners and sponsors

MAC – official beauty partner of VISA Fashion Week Almaty. MAC is guided by the principles of creativity, inclusiveness and diversity, and its main commitment is a conscious approach to beauty and social responsibility.

IQOS – manufacturer of smokeless tobacco heating systems developed and introduced by Philip Morris International.

BORK – manufacturer of premium household appliances and accessories.

While the fashion industry is constantly evolving, Shadibekov is optimistic about the future of fashion, particularly in Central Asia. At VFWA, he believes in the potential of young designers to make a significant impact in the fashion world. "We expect to see more luxury and haute couture designs in the coming years," he shares, "and we will do our best to support our designers in achieving their goals. We are confident that our local designers will gain more popularity and will have an important role in the international market in the future."

VFWA, like many other less-known fashion weeks, can face several challenges including resource constraints , as well as limitations in our network and connections. Shadibekov shares some advice for other fashion weeks seeking ways strengthen resources. "To overcome these hurdles, it is crucial to build a strong identity that sets us apart from other fashion weeks, highlighting local culture and history to create a distinctive brand that captures the attention of the global fashion industry. Moreover, collaborating with other fashion weeks, whether local or international, can also help to build relationships and expand networks. By sharing resources and promoting each other's events, we can gain exposure and build our reputation as an important player in the industry."

About Bauyrzhan Shadibekov, CEO and Founder of VISA Fashion Week Almaty

Bauyrzhan Shadibekov is the founder and CEO of Visa Fashion Week Almaty, the first international fashion week in Kazakhstan and Central Asia that holds a prominent position as the largest event in the cultural life of the region. His mission is to put Central Asia in the fashion map as a hub in the creative sector and a reference point

in the international industry for new and upcoming designers. His intuition, followed by his unwavering commitment to promote Central Asia fashion abroad, has helped him achieve this success. Today, the event is considered a must-attend appointment by the international fashion industry, attracting prominent international guests among buyers and media searching for the latest trends and the next global talent.

Visa Partnership

Visa, the leading global payments technology company, is proud to support the development of the creative industry in Kazakhstan through its sponsorship of VFWA. As a company committed to supporting small and medium-sized businesses in every region, Visa recognizes the importance of promoting the growth of the fashion industry in Kazakhstan by helping to position the country on the global stage, providing support and aids in the transition of the fashion business to e-commerce.


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