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How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious & Stylish

Ways to create a space serves as a reflection of your style and personality.

Your home should be a space that you are proud off - whether you’re spending some much-needed time alone or entertaining guests. This means that it should be a reflection of your style and personality, as opposed to simply being a place to rest your head after a busy day at work. You can even add decor that reflects your favorite city, like a framed black and white art piece of Fenway Park as part of your Boston home decor.

As a result, if you live a luxurious lifestyle, you should work on cultivating the same energy within your home. Here are some top tips to get you started!

  • Set yourself a budget. As with any home renovation project, having a budget in mind ahead of time is key. Luckily, in the same which in which, it is possible to stay fashionable on a budget, you can also transform your home while remaining budget-savvy. For example, you could try your hand at DIY as opposed to hiring someone to do the dirty work for you.

  • Make small, yet impactful changes to your home. Luxurious home design often does not focus on being OTT, instead, you should focus on smaller design details that add a touch of class or opulence into your home. For example, if you were considering laying down tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, focus on tiles with a sleek border design. This adds an extra something special to your home, without being over the top.

  • Make fashion the focus. Whether you work in fashion or are working through an online shopping addiction, you can put your passion to good use by adding some fashion inspo to your home. For example, you could display framed copies of your favorite luxury fashion magazines, such as Vogue or our very own Linger Magazine. Alternatively, if you have a designer or vintage item tucked away in your wardrobe, you could find a way to unique way to display it, such as on a mannequin.

  • Think about lighting. Creating a luxury home is all about curating the perfect atmosphere, which means you can often do a lot with a little, especially when it comes to lighting. For example, if you want your space to feel mysterious or romantic, you could achieve this by hanging fairy lights or dimmer switches on your regular lights so that they are not always so bright. Alternatively, utilizing natural light can make your space appear larger and more welcoming.

  • Find a statement item of furniture in each room. Any interior designer worth their salt will tell you that the best way to make an impact in home design is by choosing one statement piece for each room, instead of housing multiple (and potentially contrasting) items in one place. This means that you can afford to splurge out a little if you find a statement piece you really love while pulling back on other purchases. There are various statement pieces to choose from, such as artwork from a local artist, a bright lampshade or even other more basic items of furniture such as chairs, sofas and coffee tables. Either way, try not to think too much about what others will think about your purchases - it's your home, so your opinion is the only one that matters.

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