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Grace Barrejon at home with Linger Magazine

Being a Business Mom and trying to be "sexy" is not incompatible.

Thank you very much, Grace, for your collaboration with us. We are delighted to have

you here and to catch up on you.

Thanks to you for coming here to my house.

Grace, you are a well-known person for your role as a model and also as an

entrepreneurial woman. I am sure that our readers would like to know how you

started this vital journey.

From a very young age, I was in contact with various artists who inspired me and

taught me to appreciate the beauty of harmonic forms, the delicacy. I was interested

in the world of fashion and at the same time, I felt that I was born to be an

entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is something you are born with. It runs through your veins. I

attended that need to create. I wanted the freedom to manage my time.

What ingredients are needed to be successful as an entrepreneur?

The recipe is to put a lot of passion for managing your business, work, and

perseverance in equal parts. It mixes with love for what you do and gets into the

creative oven. Creativity is what makes what you undertake special, different, and


Mmmm ... that kitchen smells wonderful.

(Laughs) That's what it's about. Living doing what we love is a wonderful feeling. And I

thank everyone who has helped me achieve it.

"The best makeup ... the smile!"

However, I understand that difficulties arise. How does a woman like you deal with a


Everything in life teaches you. We must be grateful to the Yes and also to the No

because both things have made me get to where I am today.

The modeling career is not easy. Some fashion industries have very limited age

standards. If you are also a mother, things get complicated; not because of a lack of

capacity but because some sectors have that limiting vision. However, I have

understood that modeling has many opportunities, regardless of age. At 42 years old, I

feel that I do a job as a model with which many women can empathize.

It is clear that your career as a model continues and also has a long-term projection.

Let's talk about bikinis. We know that it is one of your star garments.

Indeed, yes. I feel very comfortable in a bikini. I love living in sunny places and near the

sea. Although I travel a lot for my work, my home is in Miami. There, as in other parts

of the world where the weather is good, the bikini is an essential garment.

What style of bikinis do you identify with the most?

My favorites are the Brazilian style bikinis. They enhance the figure, they are very

comfortable and the colors are very fun. I like to add color to life.

What advice would you give to those women who want to look beautiful?

Good care begins with loving yourself as you are. I discovered that a good beauty

secret lies in finding things to admire in yourself. Each one of us is unique. A healthy

lifestyle with a healthy diet and routines such as meditation help make us feel better.

My motto is Live, Play, Work, and Enjoy. Here is the basis of happiness for me.

The best makeup, the smile.

Finally, we cannot ignore the current world situation. How has this affected your

business and how do you see the future of entrepreneurship given the


Entrepreneurship is not easy and you have to be very clear about it. It should not be

something that starts by discarding.

In our case, the influence of the pandemic has not been negative. On the contrary, we

have experienced growth as our work is mostly done online. We have been handling

these tools for many years and we have a broad capacity to adapt to change. This is

part of our success as a company.

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Photos: @mi4micom

Wardrobe: @mosbeachwear


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