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Glow By Daye

A Satin-lined Shower Cap for Thriving Textured Tresses

I consider a shower cap that actually keeps my hair dry in the shower to be great. But when such shower cap is reversible, fully lined in satin with the added benefit of being adjustable...that great shower cap has now become my new go-to accessory in my hair tool artillery to aid in keeping up with my versatile styling and care management options for my hair.

This is exactly the uniquely designed and engineered shower cap that Glow by Day provides for those with naturally curly hair. As a fan of steamy showers, I am often left worrying if the steam that my skin loves will wreak havoc on my hair. My usual method of protection before showering is tying my hair up with a satin scarf to wear under a shower cap as an added layer barrier from my hair getting wet and protection from humidity. What I learned immediately by using the Purple Reign premium shower cap is that its large size is a perfectly shaped fit for protecting my thriving hair and scalp.

Visit and @glowbydaye to see what the brand has to offer you. Their products continue to garner over 2K positive reviews alone due to its commitment to serving the natural hair community the most premium items that help protect, preserve and maintain the health of their textured tresses. That is definitely a mission that I can get behind.

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