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Dovel & Luner Law Firm Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against L’Oréal

Lawsuit Against L’Oréal Over Deceptive Labeling of Beauty Products

The Dovel & Luner law firm on Friday filed a federal class action lawsuit against L’Oréal USA, Inc. on behalf of a California consumer who purchased L’Oréal beauty products. Eshelby v. L’Oréal USA, Inc., Case 1:22-cv-01396 (SDNY). The lawsuit alleges that L’Oréal misled millions of consumers by including a prominent “Paris” label on its products even though the products are manufactured in Arkansas and elsewhere in North America—not in Paris or even France.

The Complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges that L’Oréal violated the consumer protection laws of many states, as well as California’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law.

L’Oréal labels its beauty products with a prominent “Paris” representation. L’Oréal also includes prominent French-language descriptions on many of its beauty products. Here is an example:

According to the lawsuit, a reasonable consumer would understand, based on L’Oréal’s advertisements and packaging, that L’Oréal’s products are made in France and imported into the United States.

And where L’Oréal’s products are made is important to consumers. “Because American consumers associate French-made beauty products with excellence and prestige,” the lawsuit alleges, consumers “are willing to pay a substantial premium for products that they believe to be made in France.”

In reality, however, the lawsuit claims, these products are manufactured in Arkansas, or elsewhere in North America—not in France. This is in stark contrast to L’Oréal’s competitors such as Caudalie, Nuxe, and Clarins, whose products bear similar “Paris” representations and are actually made in France.

“Consumers care where beauty products are made, and France in particular is known for its high-quality cosmetics,” said Christin Cho of Dovel & Luner. “Companies shouldn’t be allowed to trick people into thinking that their products are made in France, when in fact they are made in Arkansas.”

Linger's editor-in-chief, Tiffany Tate, spoke with Christin Cho yesterday for further insight of this case. Linger will continue to feature coverage of all updates and information in this case. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter so that you do not miss any breaking news or announcements.

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