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D'Care FACE UP & K-Beauty Secrets Launch Party

We joined dermatologist/K-Beauty expert Marie Jhin, MD to learn about D'Care and its infusion of traditional herbal Korean beauty secrets.

Our beauty editors sipped on cups of persimmon tea while learning about D'Care's cutting edge tightening face mask that combines traditional herbal Korean beauty secrets with modern science, as well as learning about Dr. Marie Jhin's new book, K-Beauty Secrets: Accessible Beauty for Every Woman. She shared the early beginnings of D'Care in Korea and its current expansion into the U.S. market. A Silicon Valley dermatologist with 20 years of experience, Dr. Jhin has taught at Stanford University and is an accomplished author of Asian beauty.

Dr. Jhin was inspired to write about Asian beauty remembering her childhood growing up in South Korea and going to bath houses with her mom and grandmother to wash their hair, washing each other's backs, and tend to each other's skincare. Her experience of seeing the women in her family taking such great care of their hair and skin was pivotal to instilling the priority of self-care. Dr. Jhin shared with party viewers that K-Beauty is a 'Skin First, Makeup Second' process of 'layering' products in an order that preps the skin for the application of the next product. K-Beauty skincare is best for dry skin because it products and process aids in hydration and moisture that is perfect for a dewy look ( known as 'choc-choc' in Korea referring to the state of your face after washing when it still has some water on it). It is important to note that Korean medicinals are more than 200 years old, so the priority for skincare has always been a staple in the culture.In her book, she explains that 'taking care of your skin is something to be enjoyed; it isn't just beauty or vanity, but an investment in your well-being.' Here at Linger, we believe this is the perfect recipe of self-care.

The layering of K-Beauty consists of:




(exfoliates sebum and oil build-up with 2 textured sides - rough for exfoliation, soft for moisture)




(Contains 11 peptides to help produce collagen and will tighten like Saran Wrap for immediate results)







Now through July 9th - All products are 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on and Prime Days (July 12th & 13th) on Amazon, they’re going to be available for 50% off.

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