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Curating a Personal Style That Speaks Volumes About You

Here are a few ways to share who you are with looks that speak without words.

We all have to wear clothing on a day to day basis. It’s part and parcel of living in the society that we do. Nudity is a no go in public areas, so you’re going to have to cover up to work, socialize and spend time with others while you’re out and about. Clothing also allows us to be comfortable during more adverse weather, such as cold temperatures, covering up from the sun and staying dry in the rain. But clothing does so much more than simply serve a functional purpose. Over time, clothing has been adopted as a way for us to express ourselves. You can read a lot about how people might be through their clothing and people tend to enjoy teaching out to others with similar interests through different clothes that they wear. So, what can you do to curate your own personal style that can speak volumes about you? Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

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Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are one of the most indicative pieces of clothing to highlight your interests. This could be a band that you’re particularly interested in, a favorite film, a TV series, a quote tee or anything else.


Footwear serves o much more purpose than simply protecting your feet as you walk around. You will likely have a range to suit all occasions. Boots for the winter, sandals for the summer, heels for special occasions… the list goes on. Choose a variety that will meet all of your practical needs as well as your personal aesthetic.


Jewelry can be a great accessory and means of personalization. From small touches to bright and bold additions, there’s a whole world of jewelry out there to choose from. You could choose something with your birth stone in, such as opal jewelry. You could have a charm bracelet with highly personalized charms, indicating interests and life milestones. You could have something subtle, something stand out - the list goes on.


Piercings are a cute accessory that can add to your overall look. Of course, there’s the classic ear lobe piercing that can sport a whole array of different jewelry. From small and plain studs to diamonds, pearls, dangling earrings, bold earrings, bright earrings and more. But then there are alternative piercings too. These can range from nose piercings to septum piercings, tongue piercings, belly button piercings, cartilage piercings and so much more. These can be a little harder to maintain, requiring a longer healing process, but all in all, they can be worth it. If you’re considering getting any piercing, make sure to visit a reliable piercing specialist with plenty of good reviews. You also need to make sure to follow their instructions regarding cleaning and caring for the piercing afterwards to avoid infection or other problems.

As you can see, curating your own personal style can be quite the journey - and these suggestions we’ve outlined above are just a few different starting points to take into consideration. Hopefully, some will inspire you!



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