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Creative Hobbies To Try This Year

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

If you’re naturally a creative kind of person, you might be drawn to try out all kinds of new creative pursuits to keep your inspiration flowing.

Whether you work in a creative field and need something different to relax, or you have a more traditional job and need creative hobbies to balance that out, there are lots of great things to try out. If you need some inspiration, try one of these excellent creative hobbies this year.


Music is a fantastic hobby for relaxing and is the perfect option if you want to learn something new. It’s also a pastime that can have lots of different options, depending on what kind of music appeals to you. You could learn to play an instrument, from a violin to an electric guitar.

You could also get involved in music in a more hands-on way, by making yourself electronically. You could try gathering your record collection, downloading some DJ drops, and giving DJing a try.

Whether you’re a social butterfly or you enjoy music in the comfort of your own home, this could be a great option! Now with COVID restrictions being lifted worldwide, this is a hobby that more people are taking a liking to. From learning musical instruments to going to concerts such as John Yokley PTFS, all of these can be fantastic for opening up the world of music and all it has to offer.


Painting can be relaxing too and is another hobby that appeals to all tastes, whether you want to paint watercolor landscapes or create mixed media modern pieces. Painting means you can also create some unique pieces to decorate your home and get the satisfaction of seeing something every day that you created.


Craft projects could include knitting, cross-stitch, quilting, or anything else that appeals to you. Craft is often suggested as a good way to relieve stress, as the project requires just enough focus to keep your mind occupied, but not so much that it just adds to your stress. Make gifts for friends, knit a temperature scarf to track the year, or paint miniatures to display around your home. Craft is another way to create pieces to display at home, or you could turn it into a side business and sell the things that you make online or at craft markets.


We all carry cameras with us every day in the form of our mobile phones, so why not make the most of it, and get into photography? You can start with just your phone, or invest in some proper camera equipment. Take pictures of your friends and family, document your vacations and day trips, and use this hobby as a way to preserve memories. Don’t just leave your pictures languishing in your camera roll though. Spend some time choosing some favorites to print off. You could frame some of your pictures or mix them into collages. You could also arrange them in scrapbooks or photo albums. For a fun twist on this hobby, buy a polaroid or Instax camera. The retro touch is fun, and you can display the pictures you get in really fun ways.

A creative hobby is great for your mind, and can help you through a less-than-artistic career, or can be a complement to your main art business. Use art to unwind, decorate your home, preserve memories, or make gifts for loved ones.


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