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Award-winning Fashion Community Week announces the New Era Virtual Week this September in San Francisco.

The first of its kind in California, Fashion Community Week will present a global fashion conference with two days of runway shows featuring local and international emergent designers; followed by a shopping event exhibiting collections that are not yet in the marketplace. All events are taking place LIVE and accessible to view through multiple platforms globally!

The opening day will commence with a worldwide fashion-tech conference led by founders of fashion startups. The discussion will focus on current affairs and future projections of the industry.

The second day is about California Dreaming. The experience will lead us to the essence of ‘True California’ in the midst of the runway, exposing the sunshine, beach and its lush nature. A presentation of ready to wear collection exhibited on this day.

The third day is about ‘Walking into the future’. This day represents a futuristic ambiance exhibiting eclectic international designs on the runway. A merge between future and globalization represented through fine evening wear collections on the catwalk.

The final day is an opportunity to attend and shop LIVE from collections that are not yet available in the market. The attendees are the first to have access to one of a kind brand new collection.

Started in 2014, Fashion Community Week has proudly represented and launched fashion designers and beauty talents from over 50 countries covering six continents. The platform offers support and opportunities for emerging and under-represented talents in the industry. Fashion Community Week has currently re-designed its program offerings and relaunched as an online fashion incubator to support fashion designers globally. A program designed to cope with the effects of the pandemic by helping emerging designers to stay in business while staying connected to the fashion industry community. Programs at the online fashion incubator offer private workshops and consultations to help with business development and launch. An e-boutique is created to help sell the collections of designers. An interview series is introduced with founders of fashion brands who share their expert advice with emergent industry talents. Finally, Virtual Fashion Week is being launched to offer exposure and business advancement for the emerging fashion businesses.



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