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BEVZA Fall/Winter 2022/23 at NYFW

The collection is dedicated to love through time and distance, love that is captured on paper – the love letters.

The love, which BEVZA shares through notes, cards, messages and of course through their collections with the world. The name of the collection was not picked by chance. BEVZA associates love with care and care is shown through finding ways of making our Earth a better, cleaner place for all of us. For this we are keeping track on the development of new technologies and innovations in textile production, using recycled yarns and upcycled materials to create garments. With hair by ORIBE and makeup by AVEDA.


Throughout the collection you will see fish scale textures as an ode to the ocean. To bring the appearance as if the models have come from the ocean, Svetlana joined forces with lead artist Kien Hoang. He started with the Oribe Mystifying Restyling Spray that helps restyle the hair, then douses it with the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray that uses a wet application from the root to the end to give the appearance of wet hair. Next he uses the Oribe Gel Sérum which is a hybrid between a gel and serum that glides through the hair giving it a flexible and light hold making it shiny and helps to set the hair. To give the illusion of coming out of the ocean the top of the hair is then hand raked with the sides pinned down and natural flyaway strands. To give that extra shine to the look the Oribe Gurl Gelée is applied, a moisture base gel to give extra hydration to the look.

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Each season BEVZA focuses on a sophisticated and elegant look, and works with brands that will enhance the models natural beauty. For this season's makeup, Svetlana Bevza worked closely with lead artist Janell Geason to create an elegant clean look. The first prepped the skin with Aveda Skincare with a natural base using Aveda Concealer where needed and Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisture. Set lightly with Loose Powder. Brows are kept natural as they brush up brows and fill if needed with Aveda Brow Definer and brush up for a natural fluffy brow.

She then curls the lashes and applies Black Forest Mosscara to top lash line, apply a light layer of clear gloss to the top lashes and separate with tweezers for wet, separated lashes. Press in a hint of clear gloss to the lid . For lips, apply Lip Saver.

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