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Are Thread Lifts A Good Facelift Alternative?

It's no secret that getting a face-lift is a major committment. However, there are less intense way to get the results you want. Dr. Edward Chamata shares a fantastic alternative.

Thread lifts are a fairly new procedure in the plastic surgery industry and have gained more popularity in the past couple of years. Dr.Edward Chamata is a Houston-based plastic surgeon who took time to share with the editor-in-chief of LINGER what a thread lift is and what it is not.

"Thread lifts are temporary and a minimally invasive procedure done under local anesthesia that uses several different suture threads to lift the skin," shares Dr. Chamata. "Thread lifts can be made of different materials. PDO, which is a dissolvable suture material, is the most common one used. Cost varies depending on the amount of threads used but can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per treatment."

Dr Edward Chamata, M.D.
Dr. Edward Chamata, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthict plastic surgery for the body.

What are the pros and cons to having a thread lift?

"One of the major cons of a thread lift is they last a short period of time, their effects lasting typically less than 1 year. Another con is that that they don’t have nearly the same effect that a surgical facelift provides and is not the appropriate for patients that have severe skin laxity as those patients are more surgical candidates. Thread lift can be dangerous, especially if not done by an experienced and well-trained medical professional as it can lead to scarring, contour deformity of the face, and potentially facial nerve damage. The benefit of a thread lift is that it is a minor procedure that can be done under local anesthesia and can provide temporary benefits for patients with mild skin laxity."

Who are the best candidate for a thread lift?

"Good candidates are healthy patients with mild skin laxity who have realistic expectations that a thread lift won’t deliver the same degree of results that a facelift will. Thread lifts can be used as a temporary solution before getting a face lift, however, thread lifts can cause significant scarring below the skin level and can make future facelift surgery more technically challenging, leading to potential complications. In general, for anyone seeking a long-term solution for treatment of moderate-to-severe facial aging, a facelift is the superior option since thread lifts last a short period of time and won’t produce the same degree of skin tightening as a facelift. The jawline, neck, and cheek region are the most common locations for thread lifts with no downtime and patients can generally return to work the same day. Minor bruising and swelling may be expected."

Dr. Chamata is arguably among the most talented plastic surgeons in the Houston area and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He brings his artistry, dedication to superior outcomes, and precision to every procedure. He performs 100 percent customized aesthetic surgeries for both women and men who want to enjoy a happier, more confident life.


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