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Alt.Pop.Repeat launches season two on Dash Radio

Celebrities and experts appearing on seasons two are Coolio, David Guetta, Kevin Eastman, Raine Maida, Deborah Cox, Jordan Alexander, Amber Mac, Annie Guglia, Lauren Toyota and more with over 500 thousand listeners per month and charting in the U.S., Canada, Greece, Australia and Finland.

Toronto-based podcasters Chrissy Newton and Marie Nicola launch season two of their monthly show Alt.Pop.Repeat (APR) on Dash Radio in the US., along with all major streaming platforms. With over 500,000 listeners per month on Dash Radio and charting in Canada, U.S., Australia, Finland and Greece as one of the top pop culture podcasts. Alt.Pop.Repeat is amongst the top 25% of podcasts for downloads, and frequently charting on Apple Podcasts in the USA in the top 100.

Topics discussed, celebrities and experts joining APR this season include:

Coolio (American rapper, actor & chef)

Topic: 90’s hip-hop

David Guetta (DJ, record producer & songwriter)

Topic: DJ culture

Deborah Cox (Award winning recording artist)

Topic: Civil Rights

Kevin Eastman (Co-Founder and writing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic)

Topic: Comic book fandom

Raine Maida (Recording artist from Our Lady Peace)

Topic: Alternative music

Jordan Alexander (Actress, HBO series Gossip Girl Reboot)

Topic: LGBTQ+

Eben Britton (Former NFL Football player)

Topic: Silybum/Psychedelics

Annie Guglia (Skateboarder & 2021 Olympic Candidate)

Topic: Skateboarding

Amber Mac (North American Tech. Expert)

Topic: Internet

Bradley Garrett (Writer & Cultural Geographer)

Topic: Doomsday Preppers

Ramsey Campbell (Author and "the master of modern horror)

Topic: Horror

Dr. Jess (Sexologist (PhD), author & TV personality)

Topic: Sex

**And many more as the season progresses.

A variety of pop culture shows are played on streaming platforms and the Dash Radio’s DashTalkX dial, Alt.Pop.Repeat (every Friday at noon PST/ 3PM EST & Saturday at 8PM PST / 11PM EST) is the first show of its kind to take listeners on a journey through pop culture by examining the counter and subcultures that define it. Chrissy & Marie deconstruct mainstream culture by defining the intersections when counterculture became pop by using a term the hosts call a “sync”. Over the course of each episode, Chrissy and Marie enquire the help of celebrities and experts to define these overlooked catalyst moments to understand who, what and how popular culture became pop. Alt.Pop.Repeat dives into a wide range of cultural topics including, Punk, Internet culture, Spirituality, Drag, Astrology, Cannabis, Hip-Hop, Yoga, comic book culture, the LGBTQ+ movement,Ufology (the study of UFO’s), Civil Rights, the Women’s Rights Movement, Cosplay, K-Pop, DJ and EDM culture, Environmentalism and Veganism, and many more. Alt.Pop.Repeat strives to unbox the moments that define Western popular culture.

"We are incredibly lucky to have the truly visionary minds and voices of Marie and Chrissy on the Dash Radio platform! Alt.Pop.Repeat transcends traditional boundaries and provides a unique perspective that resonates with so much of our audience and we look forward to helping promote and grow the show in any way we can," said Alex Boyce, Chief Business Officer for Dash Radio. "While Season 1 was epic, just wait for Season 2!"

Past celebrities and experts from season one include:

“Popular culture has merit. It has a life and history that is tied to some of the most pivotal social and political movements of our time. To have a platform where we can explore North American & global pop culture is privilege. And in Season 2, I am even more motivated to help legitimize pop culture as a viable cultural product and to go deeper to continue to shine a light on those who may have been overlooked historically for their role in creating the mainstream culture that has created idols, started revolutions and keeps us entertained every single day. ” says co-host and co-producer, Marie Nicola.

“When you create something that started from just an idea and you watch it grow and become loved by people who are just as curious as you are, it really makes you feel you’re on the right path. We look forward to growing APR with our listeners, along with joining Marie and I on a journey that not only teaches me so much around the world and its history but also on a personal journey of growth, creating and connecting with people and cultures of all sorts,” says Chrissy Newton, co-host of Alt.Pop.Repeat.

Join hosts Marie and Chrissy along with pop and subculture influencers and celebs, as they take you on a journey through pop culture trends and counterculture worlds that dive deep on how both perceptions are so closely synced. #AltPopRepeat. You can stream APR on platforms including, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and where all major podcasts are streamed.



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