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Accessories That Show Your Personality

Fashion has long been a means of expressing yourself. The clothes you wear can say a lot about you and your personality.

There may be times where your clothing has to confirm more than you would like it to, it could be for professional purposes for example but that doesn’t mean the entirety of your outfit or look has to confirm. With a bit of clever accessorizing there are still ways you can showcase your personality because, you are what you wear. Here are some accessories that you can play around with to still allow you to be you and proudly show the world who you are by what you are wearing.


Sunglasses are a practical accessory that has been overtaken by the fashion world for years. The style of sunglasses that you opt for can say a lot about your personality. Opting for perpetually on-trend black Wayfarers make a classic statement whereas big, bright, garish sunglasses speak to the more extrovert personality types. What is more, it is not just the type of sunglasses you wear that can showcase your personality but where you wear them. Just about everybody will don a pair of sunnies in the sun but would you wear them inside or on a grey winter’s day? Celebrities have been known to so why not you?


When it comes to showcasing your personality, jewelry is up there with sunglasses. The best part about jewelry however is that it can be worn all year round and to almost any occasion. You can also chop and change the type of jewelry you wear to match your mood or the impression you want to give that day. The type of jewelry you opt for can say a lot about you and your personality, for example, matching jewelry sets that color coordinate with your outfit can give the impression of professionalism or oversized statement jewelry may be indicative of your fun personality. Perhaps you are a bit edgier and like to display your quirks with your jewelry. A great way to do this can be to consider silicone plugs found at or opt for mismatched statement earrings. That is the wonderful thing about jewelry it can be so versatile and used in so many different ways unique to the owner.

Hair accessories

Were you one of those who in your childhood sampled lots of different hair accessories and extensions? Yet somehow in your adult years your penchant for experimenting with your hair has subsided? Ask yourself why? There are so many different hair accessories that can showcase a bit more of who you are or just spice up your look. From scrunchies to decorative hair pins there is a statement hair accessory for all personality types and you don’t have to stop there. When it comes to accessorizing your head have you considered a headscarf? Hair extensions or even playing around with the color? Just because you outfit may have to confirm doesn’t mean your hair does too.

Your bag

How many bags do you own? Do you find yourself choosing one bag more than others? The bag you opt for can say a lot about you. For example backpack wearers are considered to be adventures, bold statement shoulder bags are said to reflect status, and briefcase style bags display traits of confidence and determination . You may think you are choosing a bag based on its looks and practicalities but there is a lot more to it than that.


Finally no list would be complete without dedicating a bit of time to footwear. Shoes, boots or sandals are the ultimate statement piece that can say a thousand words about your personality type. The type of shoes you opt for can reflect so much about you. If you are the sporty and adventurous type this is usually indicated in the type of trainers you wear and where you wear them. Perhaps you wear your sneakers on your morning commute so you can fit in a brisk heart rate raising walk to the office. Perhaps you are more style conscious and fashion forward and wouldn’t be seen dead in your weekend runners while strutting to the office. Or, perhaps you are the more laid back sort and wear your favorite flip flops all summer and comfy ugg boots all winter. Of course your footwear will change with seasons and occasions but whatever choice of shoes you opt for you can guarantee you have done so with an injection of personality.

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