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How a Similar Time Created The Space to Build

Editor-in-Chief & Founder shares how the current COVID-19 pandemic is reminiscent of the circumstance that birthed the launch of Linger Magazine.

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If the belief that a crisis usually hits the American economy every 10 years is true, I am convinced that the ability to pivot is essential in the midst of it. it was such adaptability that I personally tapped into during the recession in 2009.

Just the year prior, I was enjoying the duality of my journalism career as the executive director of a fashion magazine, in addition to being a contributing Lead Style News writer for another medium. I was creating great content and my articles were constantly gaining syndication. Then, the recession hit. I found myself laid off, on unemployment benefits and submitting my newly updated resume for vacant journalism positions ... to no avail.

Most media companies were laying off entire writing teams and forcing their editors to both write and manage their division's content with a small team of freelance writers. I spent a majority of my time brainstorming new ways to pitch to editors for new articles/projects to help obtain a few paying writing projects that could possibly turn into permanent employment.

I was often met with “Your experience is what I need, but I currently don't have the budget,

Check back with me in 90 days.” And I did check back with them, for almost 2 years. Launching my own magazine had always been a desire of mine, but I deferred the idea for years because I believed that I needed more experience and more money in my account.

I became frustrated with not being able to re-enter the industry that I had loved since I

was a child. That frustration made me realize that I would need to create the job that I was seeking by launching the publication that I dreamed of. I reached out to my network of colleagues, affiliates and advertisers to share with them my plan and I was met with so much support. As my work at other publications had gained syndication, fans of my work were eager to take the journey with me but becoming my first subscribers, advertisers and collaborators. In six weeks, I launched the premiere digital issue of Linger Magazine on

May 1, 2010 with 1,800 subscribers. Each month, our subscriber base grew by the hundreds. It was this foundation that built Linger Magazine within an environment of uncertainty. It was the uncertainty that created the perfect space to build a product that is strong enough to thrive during the turbulence of 2020 and beyond.

Please strive to emerge from this current environment of uncertainty better than it found you. There is beauty rising from the ashes. We know this too well.


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