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5 Essential Fashion Trends For AW 2021

As the nights get a little longer, and the weather a touch colder, it's time to start considering the essentials for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Oversized gold chains

First of all, if you want to show everyone that you have a firm grasp on the trends of this AW season, you will need to invest in a gold chain. No delicate piece will do here, however, as the fashion of the moment tends heavily towards chains of the oversized variety. This means large gold links, and where possible single pendants in the shape of a padlock. Wear with anything and everything from simple t-shirts to dresses to stay in style.

Backless dresses

Also this winter, you can expect maximum glamour with long evening dresses cut dangerously low at the back. The more risque the better, with this trend too, as showing plenty of skin complimented by a luxe fabric like velvet or silk will be the height of fashion!

Of course, to be able to pull off such a style, you’ll want to know how to make sure the skin on your back looks its best. The good news is that by following advice like this piece on getting rid of back acne, you can make sure nothing will draw attention from your eye-catching fashion choice. No matter how low you decide to go!

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves are everywhere right now, and this doesn't look like it's changing any time soon, even as the seasons flow towards colder weather. Indeed, these victorian inspired and easy-to-wear sleeves will take a darker turn during the winter with a decidedly more gothic approach.

Feel free to team with trousers, skirts, or look for dresses with the puff sleeve silhouette. The latter is perfect for combining with chunky boots, as you will see in the next section.

Chunky sole boots

As you know a great deal of the looks on and off the runway right now are heavily inspired by the ’90s. Of course, one of the most iconic looks from this era was the short or midi floral dress combined with heavy-soled chunky boots. Indeed, the heavier the sole, the better in this case, because it is all about the contrast between the masculine and feminine. Such boots tend to be comfortable to wear and easy to walk in too, and they’ll keep your feet dry which are all bonuses for following this trend.

Bucket hats

Another trend with its foundations firmly in the 90s is the bucket hat. Although, they have most certainly had an upgrade coming in an array of high-end fabrics like boucle and in a wide rainbow of colors.

Adding a colorful bucket hat or an otherwise plain outfit is a great way to liven things up. While matching a bucket hat to the shade the rest of your outfit is in is a great way to create an overall cohesive look.

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